Audio Diaries and Patient Journeys


Audio Diaries and Patient Journeys 

Civicom InSitu® Audio Diaries &
Patient Journeys

With mobile qualitative, we learn how a
complex array of influences impacts
the moment of decisions.

“Being able to hear the recordings told us a lot about what they were feeling and thinking. We got much more detail.”

Getting To ‘Why’

Why do consumers make the choices they make? Why do they prefer one brand over another? Why was the ad not compelling? It’s easy to answer the ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘where,’ ‘when’, but to really understand the reasoning behind a decision we have to ask the critical question: “WHY”?

Analyze the Text

Respondent recordings are transcribed and analyzed for keywords and phrases, so you can identify what is going on in the minds of your target group. Prepare a report with the richness of audio clips, plus text analysis, images and video, all sorted by respondent, date, and time.

Hear the Sentiment

‘WHY’ is best answered in a manner that allows for an open-ended response. Civicom InSitu® Mobile Qualitative Research tools let you get to ‘WHY’. Our unique audio technology lets you hear respondent sentiment as individuals go about their activities.

Rich Data for Your Report

No other provider can offer you the combined wealth of audio, plus text, images and video collected via mobile technology and delivered back to you in an analysis-ready format, combined with a researcher support system that is second to none.

Engaging Your

Engaging Your Respondents


We work with you to welcome respondents with your questions. Respondents get handy tools with all of the instructions.


You Ask


You decide what information you want to collect from your respondents and when you want them to dial in as they go about their mobile research activities.


They Answer


When it is time to record a thought, respondents simple press one number on their phone or mobile device and start speaking their thoughts.

Any Time

At Any Time


You are able to choose the number of times per day you want your respondents to dial in, and for how many days, weeks or months.


From Anywhere


Your study can involve people anywhere. Our Civicom InSitu® Mobile Qualitative Research tools can be used in almost any language.


Involve Anyone


Anyone with any type of cell phone or mobile device can participate. Civicom InSitu® Mobile Qualitative even works on land lines anywhere in the world.


It's Easy


Respondents can easily upload text, photos, videos and documents. If a respondent uses a land line, they can just send us the images or videos via email.

Sorting and

Sorting and Tracking


Respondents’ recorded mobile moments, pictures, videos and text messages, go into Civicom’s database, sorted by individual respondent, date and time.

You Listen
and Look

Expanding Your Study


You can listen to respondent recordings at any time and view all respondent content. You can use this data to provide additional direction to respondents.


Invite Observers


You can let observers listen to the recordings, read the transcripts and view the respondent images and videos as well as share them with your clients.

Qualitative, Quantitative
or Hybrid

Qualitative, Quantitative or Hybrid


Combine both quant and qual elements. Depending on your numbers, we work with you to design a delivery format that meets your study’s needs.

Why Audio

Why Audio Recordings


Respondents like the privacy of speaking their thoughts into their phone. You get the important insights and feedback in the respondent’s own voice.

Analyzing Your

Analyzing Your Data

Your mobile moments can be sorted by respondent or topic. You can search the recordings and transcripts, highlight important points, and tag key words.


Any Language

With Civicom, you can conduct a mobile qualitative study in almost any language. Multiple languages can be combined in a single study.


Technical Support

Civicom Market Research Services holds a global leadership position in technology innovation worldwide. We offer a full range of technical support.

Mobile Research – Time to Tone

Mobile Research - Time to Tone


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Ups and Downs Measuring Meds in the Moment

Ups and Downs Measuring Meds in the Moment


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