Mar 22, 2013
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Civicom Text Analytics Webinar Shows Qualitative Researchers How to Manage Mountains of Data

Civicom Text Analytics Webinar Shows Qualitative Researchers How to Manage Mountains of Data

Civicom Marketing Research presented their new and innovative Qualitative Text Analytics service in a webinar on March 12 entitled “Getting to the Insights You Need with Text Analytics.” Participants in the online event got to know the capabilities of Civicom Text Analytics and learned how market researchers can benefit from using these services to reduce research analysis time and uncover key insights.

Raw Data – A Mountain of a Challenge for Researchers

Marketing research professionals process and analyze enormous amounts of text on an almost daily basis. These mountains of raw data and open-ended responses resulting from each research study, can take a significant amount of time to dig through. The bigger, more significant part of that challenge is that while the research project is ongoing, the data just keeps adding up and researchers end up buried in text that’s waiting to be dealt with.

Civicom Text Analytics gives qualitative researchers a clear-cut solution to dealing with overwhelming amounts of qualitative data. Researchers can benefit from Civicom Text Analytics by acquiring key insights from raw data, in an efficient and clear way.

During the “Getting to the Insights You Need with Text Analytics” webinar, Civicom Marketing Research Services established how it is no stranger to the aforementioned scenario. From observing the vast quantities of unstructured qualitative data produced by client studies, Civicom’s firsthand experience became the motivation for its developers to come up with effective, technology–based solutions to manage qualitative research data more efficiently.

Text Analytics – Moving the Mountain Out of the Way FAST!

The webinar described Text Analytics as the process of extracting meaningful information from large pieces of data via analytical techniques. Text Analytics employs automated and statistical approaches to rapidly sift through huge blocks of data that would otherwise take hours of manual research. As a result, it quickly brings to the surface the key points in the raw data.

Tedious Panning Versus Rapid Screening

The statistics generated using Civicom text analysis tools are then turned into graphs and charts. With all pertinent data at hand, a researcher can then proceed with analyzing the results. Researches can more quickly draw conclusions from the research, and use the graphs and charts, backed up by the data summary, to support their thesis when they write their client report.

Civicom Text Analytics offers an automated solution combined with technical expertise as a means to process raw data, so that its interpretation can get underway at the soonest possible time. If manually going through pages and pages of text can be likened to panning for gold, then Civicom Text Analytics can be thought of as a high-speed, state–of–the–art screening plant.

Participants were shown a case study about a European chain of lunch places. This case study involved close to 3,000 pages of data that had to be processed and analyzed. The use of Civicom Text Analytics showed how researchers were able to focus right away on the more significant task of results interpretation, saving them a significant amount of time while maintaining quality and accuracy.

During the webinar, participants were also given the chance to win a 16GB iPod nano.

Civicom MRS is a global innovator in qualitative research tools using the latest technology solutions for marketing research. The company works hand in hand with market research firms, facilitating telephone and web-based IDIs and Focus Groups that enable projects to have extensive, global reach. The company also offers Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research which combines well with the use of Civicom Text Analytics.


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