Let Civicom Handle Your Market Research Transcriptions


TranscriptionWing™ is a global leader in affordable, high-quality, voice-to-text transcriptions for the marketing research community. Working in tandem with Civicom Marketing Research Services, we offer a seamless experience in delivering well-edited content that is immediately deliverable to end users. We have provided transcriptions to market research firms of every size from the largest to the smallest and for every industry sector covered by research. We are specialists in both large and small projects with clients we have served continuously for many years.

InSummary Meeting Minutes

Get a one or two=page summary of your meeting. InSummary is a service of TranscriptionWing designed to help our clients with summaries of their meeting minutes. We can provide you with conference call or meeting summaries using the audio/video recordings from your sessions. Instead of receiving a full-blown verbatim transcript, we provide you instead with notes that summarize the meeting content. This is especially helpful when you want to refer to only the key meeting points without having to review a complete transcript.


We provide captioning for all types of video, particularly for files in a native language other than English that must be captioned for an English-speaking audience. We work with every type of video file, ranging from short files generated though short-answer mobile surveys, to Individual-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups of any length. Our team supports low band width video all the way up to television broadcast quality productions. We offer closed captioning services for the hearing-impaired and meet all U.S. Federal government requirements for federally-mandated closed captioning service.


Our clients often have the need to showcase content with English subtitles. In addition to English we can subtitle any file in the language of your choice. As experienced leaders in facilitating global marketing research projects, this is a particularly valuable service when it is necessary to conduct research in multiple countries and languages, but present video clips to clients in languages they do not speak. Our subtitling services can be used for individual video files, including subtitling for clips. We can work with any language and subtitle in English or any other language option needed.

Whether You Need Interview or Focus Group Transcriptions
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Transcribers working on market research transcriptions

Meet My Transcriptionist

It can be infinitely easier to work with a specific transcription editor that you can rely on to understand the details of your expectations for style and formatting. We personalize your transcription experience by enabling you to choose your preferred service team and to rely on them to meet your specific expectations, as they get to know your unique needs and preferences.

Custom templates for any transcriptions made through the editor

Custom Templates

A quality transcription is more than just words on a page. Your desired formatting is important to you. We can adapt to your custom templates, typefaces, logo requirements, spacing requirements, naming preferences, and any other exceptional requirements that are important to you. Receive the quality you deserve in how your written content is delivered ‘camera ready’ for sharing

Flexible timeframes and rates for any kind of transcript

Flexible Timeframes and Rates

Not all transcription projects require the same delivery scheme. Prioritize each transcription request based on your deadline as well as your budget. A simple drop down menu allows you to select the desired turnaround time and transcription fee for each file. You can stagger your delivery times and save money and have all files delivered at the same time or individually as completed.

Your security is our top priority here at Civicom

GDPR and HIPAA Compliant

Safeguarding the confidentiality of your information is as serious to us as a heartbeat. We exercise a culture of confidentiality that prioritizes the utmost security and protection of client information. We are compliant with the EU-US Privacy Shield and approved as meeting their requirements. We conduct external audits and internal training to assure HIPAA compliance.

Listenlink allows researchers listen to unintelligible or inaudible audio

Researcher-Friendly Listen Link™

ListenLink™ is a unique software that inserts audio links into your transcripts. ListenLink™ is quick and efficient and makes accuracy of unknown content easier. With just a click of a mouse, you can access any [unintelligible], [inaudible], or [crosstalk] in your document and listen to that part of the audio, without having to take the time to find it in the recording.

Translate any focus group transcription into multiple languages


No matter the original language of your recording, our TranscriptionWing™ team can provide your transcripts back to you in the language of your choice. Our global network of marketing research capabilities enables us to handle multiple languages within the same project.

Dedicated editors make sure that transcripts are accurate

Quality Control

Every transcript we deliver to you is first proofed by one of our trained and dedicated editors who will review your transcript to ensure that everything you receive is as accurate as can be.

Voice to text cleanup for unsatisfactory transcripts

Voice To Text Cleanup

Do you have a machine or human transcript that needs further work to meet your standards? Our experienced editing team can clean up any transcript and deliver it back to you in mint condition.

Rush transcript delivery available for any services for market research transcription

Rush Delivery

Working on a tight deadline? With our RUSH turnaround option, your high priority project is in good hands. You can have your completed document back in 4 hours or by 9AM the next business day.