Online Mock Jury Trial Experience

Online Jury Focus Groups

To help you through the transition from in-person to online mock jury trials, it is necessary to work with a provider with the expertise, experience and reputation you can count on. Civicom is the global leader in facilitating web-enabled in-depth interviews and focus groups. We facilitate over 35,000 of these each year.

Can I Move My Mock Jury Trial Online?

Change can feel challenging, especially when it is change that is brought on by circumstances that are out of your control. This is the case with mock jury trials. Traditionally held in focus group facilities, it’s become necessary to move mock jury trials online.

Custom Online Mock Jury Services

We set up your web rooms and tech check your mock jurors and consulting staff in advance of your mock jury. We arrange your evidence, graphics, videos and/or audios, and live presentations within your web room according to your desired specifications, and review it all with you in a moderator training session. Our facilitators remain with you throughout every mock jury trial focus group to assure technical success.

Civicom Online Mock Jury Expertise

We’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the needs of trial consultants. You must be able to map out the terrain on which the battle will be fought and predict the issues that are going to drive the trial verdict. We are here to provide the technical expertise and support to make it possible for you to achieve this objective online. Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding experience.

Your Mock Jury Presentation Group

Civicom is the global leader in telephone and web-enabled interviews and focus group facilitation. Our CyberFacility features proprietary audio technology, protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and high level data security, as well as multiple tools  that enable us to facilitate your mock jury trial.

Your Mock Jury Deliberation Groups

Following your presentations, we can direct your mock jurors into online breakout rooms for small group deliberations so that you can provide direction to the small groups. At the appropriate time, we will administer your poll or link out to your survey to uncover the issues emerging from the case and to determine leanings.

Captions & Subtitles

We provide captioning for all types of video, particularly for files in a native language other than English that must be captioned for an English-speaking audience. Our subtitling services can be used for individual video files, including subtitling for clips. We can work with any language and subtitle option needed.

Presentation Groups Online: How Many Is Ideal?

You may find that you will gain the most benefit from a maximum of 24-30 in a presentation group, if you want to view the mock jurors via webcam. This is to enable you to see their facial expressions while all webcams are on the screen. Once presentations begin, we can minimize the webcams to the side to enable the mock jurors to observe the presentations, witnesses, rebuttals, and closing arguments.

What Size Deliberation Groups Work Best?

Once you complete your presentation groups, you are likely to divide your large group into two or more deliberation groups. We will facilitate moving the mock jurors into the smaller groups along with your moderator for each group. We suggest a maximum of 10 per deliberation group. We will facilitate each of the groups, no matter the number of deliberation groups your decide to go with.

Mock Jury Survey Tools

Your Mock Jury Surveys

We know that your surveys play a critical role in providing you with the insights to create your client report. We set up your polls and link out to your surveys throughout your large group presentation and at the conclusion of your individual deliberation groups. You can use any survey tool you are already familiar with, or use ours.

Asynchronous Presentations & Surveys

We offer an asynchronous approach that gives you the option to determine the time frame for your mock jurors to complete questionnaires. Participants can view your pre-recorded video presentations and evidence, and respond according to your directions. You can mask upcoming questions before advancing, as well as expose participants to material individually, or let them share in group deliberation.

Survey Technical Support

We make the survey process easy. We will load your questionnaires, presentations, videos, links, etc. according to how you tell us you want these to appear to the participants. We will register all of the participants as well as you and your team, and your clients of choice, and send everyone their log-in information. If anyone needs help, we will take care of them, leaving you free to concentrate on client relations and the data generated.

Determine Leanings With Analytics Tools

We offer powerful analytics tools that enable you to gain insights into the mock juror mindset by observing individual responses as well as data in the aggregate. View charts and graphs, which can be formatted to get across important points you want to illustrate. You can use these tools as a guide to selecting people for your deliberation groups or use them in your reports following deliberation groups to indicate the leanings of the case.


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