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Mobile Qual Globally 

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“I had no idea we could do mobile qual in five countries at the same time until we did it.”

Civicom Mobile Tools

When it’s time to consider engaging in research through using tablets, feature phones and smart phones, Civicom Marketing Research Services has designed tools that enable you to conduct mobile research globally.

Almost Any Country

Our mobile qual technology allows you to run a mobile qual study in almost any language, in almost any country. You can run a single country study, or a multi-country study in multiple languages, simultaneously.

Your Huge Opportunities

We are in the middle of a global communications revolution driven by mobile devices. Virtually every demographic group has embraced mobile services worldwide. Marketers and researchers now have huge new opportunities to get feedback as it occurs in real time.

Research-Driven Design

Our Services have been created as a result of input from marketing researchers regarding the need for qualitative and hybrid data collection tools and marketing research software. Walk in the shoes of your respondents from wherever you are.


Mobile Qualitative — Jumbo Java Hears It Right In the Moment

Mobile Qualitative - Jumbo Java Hears It Right In the Moment


Civicom® Mobile Qualitative enabled Jumbo Java to learn what to change to win devoted fans that would embrace Jumbo Java as their coffee café of choice. Find out more…



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