Mobile Research Surveys


Mobile Research Surveys 

Research Surveys

Technology and techniques at odds with
mobile attention spans will no longer deliver
a return on survey results.

“Our adapting to your suggested revisions to how we
initially designed our questions made all the difference in the survey
completion rate on mobile devices.”

The Need To Go Mobile

The Need To Go Mobile


Today, virtually everyone has a cell phone. Researchers now know that to find out what people think, the majority of surveys need to move to mobile devices.

Optimization for Mobile Devices

Optimization for Mobile Devices


Engaging respondents successfully on a mobile survey does not happen by accident. To be successful, a survey needs to be optimized for mobile devices.

We Understand Mobile Friendly

We Understand Mobile Friendly


To deliver the results from a survey, it is important to work with a partner that understands how to design a survey to be mobile friendly.

We Understand Survey Design

We Understand Survey Design


Civicom Marketing Research Services is at the forefront of mobile survey design. We have conducted a broad spectrum of mobile surveys types on a wide variety of mobile devices.

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All the Survey Features You Need

All the Survey Features You Need

  • Single Questions
  • Multiple Choice
  • Skip Logic
  • Ranking
  • Sliders
  • Photos
  • Text


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All the Advanced Tools You Want

All the Advanced Tools You Want

  • Time-based Notifications
  • Geolocations
  • Geofencing
  • Timestamps
  • Barcodes
  • Audio
  • Video

With or Without

With or Without WiFi


Sometime it is necessary to provide responses to survey tasks without the Internet. Activities performed offline are uploaded the next time the user connects online.

Improve Response

Improve Response Rates


Our survey team understands the difference between a computer-based survey and a mobile survey. We create surveys that people will respond to on mobile.


Semi-Qualitative Feedback


Use more features than just yes/no or choice questions with pre-defined answer options. Incorporate options that generate feedback or downloads of rich content.


Ingredients Tracking

You can have respondents upload product images or take photos of product barcodes. We then can identify common or specific ingredients against your criteria.

Multiple Countries,
Multiple Languages

Multiple Countries, Multiple Languages

Your survey can be programmed in almost any language. We provide translation services. We can deliver your survey to respondents almost anywhere in the world..


Robust Analytics

Our robust data analysis capabilities can help you extract key findings, instead of your getting bogged down in a quagmire of staggering and extraneous details.

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