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Mystery Shopping - ShopTalk™ 

Mystery Shopping

The mystery shopper’s silent partner
in the pursuit of truth.

“The on-site audio recordings as a confirming exercise added so much clarification to our understanding of what we need to fix.”

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a research technique that is used widely to uncover consumer perceptions. By having shoppers walk through the process of service delivery, companies can effectively identify points of failure and bring standards up to their targets and improve their performance relative to their competition.

Applications for
Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is most often thought of as a retail experience, where “shopping” is the activity taking place in a supermarket, clothing store, pharmacy, hotel, or restaurant. However mystery shopping is also extensively employed in assessing ethics in physician behavior, compliance with government regulations, or performance of non-profits.

Mystery Shopping
Goes Mobile

Virtually every demographic group worldwide has embraced mobile services. Mystery shopping researchers now have huge new opportunities to get feedback as it occurs in real time by using applications designed to collect data in the moment. ShopTalk™ is easy to use and generates significantly richer data than simple mobile surveys.

Is The Solution

ShopTalk™ is the latest tool for Mystery Shopping. It is a form of self-administered mobile ethnographic research that lets researchers collect user-generated content through mobile diaries. Researchers can now get instant feedback from mystery shoppers, when the experiences are still fresh in their minds.

ShopTalk™ — Your Mobile Mystery Shopping Solution

Civicom Marketing Research Services Mystery Shopping Studies

Valuable Audio
in the Moment

Obtaining in-the-moment feedback gives your insight into the mystery shopper’s real experiences as they are happening. ShopTalk generates audio recordings that give you the added element of emotional context and rich detail that truly describes what is taking place. You get insights while your shoppers are in the real world, from wherever they may be at the moment.

Rich Data
and Richer Reports

Shopper recordings go into our data base where they are sorted by shopper, event, time and date. You can listen to these at any time. We take those recordings and produce an end product which delivers text and sentiment analysis translated into a report. Data can be additionally enhanced with infographic images that get the findings across visually, instead of just in spreadsheets.

Leaders in
Mobile Research

Civicom is a leader in global market research tools. We provide audio services in almost every country on the globe, enabling your mystery shopping study to take place in the U.S. or multiple international locations simultaneously.  Our research tools enable your mystery shoppers to use their own smart phone or feature phone to get your job completed successfully.

Your Project

Our team of mobile research specialists is here to help you design your mystery shopping study using our tools. We will be with you through every step of the way in moving your mystery shopping to mobile devices. Our data collection and data analytics resources will transform your ability to determine what is going on in the real world for your clients. Eliminate the need for paper!


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