Hybrid Quant/Qual Focus Groups

How Our Quant/Qual Research Methodology Works


Recruit a large group of respondents who will participate on their computers and their mobile devices.


Respondents submit their responses to the questionnaire using their smartphones.


Clients can view the quant data live, where they can then choose which respondents participate in Phase 2.


After choosing the most suitable respondents, the moderator can now begin the qual focus group.


Once the focus group ends, you’ll be able to view and download reports and recordings for further analysis.

Why Choose Civicom to Support Your Hybrid Quant/Qual Studies?


Combining hybrid research methodologies through online focus groups lets you gather both the ‘why’s’ and the ‘what’s’ to gain deeper, more comprehensive insights. This type of qual/quant research, coupled with our global facilitation expertise, enables robust, quicker data collection and analysis that is critical in accelerating your speed to market.


We can help you gather unbiased responses from your respondents using a synchronous online survey questionnaire through our focus group platform, where results are immediately unveiled to your research team and client observers. This enables you to make data-driven decisions from a large number of respondents in a short amount of time.


Our quant/qual research methodology allows you to obtain a focused collection of respondents to be probed for further and more powerful insights. Select the most suitable focus group candidates based on the real-time results of your online survey questionnaire and obtain quality feedback within a 2-hour session.


With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have built the expertise to handle large focus groups moving seamlessly from quant to qual as part of the same focus group session. We are also skilled at managing large groups of participants made up of moderators, backroom observers, and respondents.

Mixed Methods Research Brings Powerful Insights Backed by Quantitative Data

Quant Qual Research Question Types

Capture Robust Feedback

Include different question types such as single-selection questions, multiple-choice, rank order scaling, and open-ended questions. These different question types lead you to more robust insights that not only dictate in-the-moment preference but also help determine a concept’s order of importance.

Quant Qual Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Get Excel or HTML transcripts immediately available to be downloaded once your quant/qual research focus groups have ended. All transcripts include the date, time, response type, participant name, text response, and direct links to download your audio and video recordings from our Glide Project Management Portal.

Quant Qual Focus Group Tech Checks

Pre-Focus Group Tech Checks

We work with respondents in advance to check their technology and ensure they can log in to the interview platform, that all tasks are visible, and that they have enough bandwidth on their devices to stream photo/video-heavy projects. This prevents issues and challenges that may arise unexpectedly.

Stimuli Support for Your Mixed Methods Research Focus Groups

Stimuli Support

We can showcase your stimuli exactly as you envision it so that your online quant survey questionnaires and varying forms of focus group visuals can be viewed efficiently by your respondents on the web room platform.

Private Chat for Your Quant Qual Focus Groups

Built-In Private Chat

Collaborate with your team and client observers throughout your quant/qual research focus groups with our dedicated built-in private chat. You can communicate freely on the back-end without your respondents knowing what’s being said.

CiviSelect Recruits for your Hybrid Quant Qual Focus Groups

Global Respondent Recruitment

We can handle the recruitment for your quant/qual research focus groups. Our recruitment team CiviSelect can work with you to get even the most difficult of recruits to participate in your sessions, whether local or overseas.