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CiviSelect™ Recruiting 

We Thrive on Meeting Challenges
Whether Local or Global

Successful Research Studies Start
with the Right Respondents

“This turned out to be a really difficult recruit. Thanks for staying
with it. The respondents were perfect.”

The Right Recruits

The success of your project starts with the right recruits. We accept marketing research recruitment assignments we can complete successfully using our internal team or through working with one of our global recruiting partners.

Recruiting Management Services

We provide discussion guide analysis, screener writing and review, respondent technology screening, disposition reporting, scheduling, and participation guidelines for interviews, focus groups, mobile research and online studies.

Recruiting Local to Global

Our recruiting services are local to global and cover single market to multi-market studies populated with respondents located in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East, in English or a local language.

Tech-Check Ready Respondents

Our recruiting expertise adds great additional value when your study involves technology such as webcams or mobile devices. We make sure your respondents meet your study’s tech requirements by assuring they are tech-ready.

Beyond Any Doubt: An NGO’s Search
for Qualified Pregnant Couples

Beyond Any Doubt: An NGO's Search for Qualified Pregnant Couples


Civicom’s recruiting unit, CiviSelect™ enabled the project to move forward by recruiting a qualified group that met all of the client’s complex criteria.
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Broadway Bound:
Spotlight on the Right Respondents

Broadway Bound: Spotlight on the Right Respondents


A group of theater producers successfully completed a round of investments by validating their concept idea through a panel of carefully selected respondents. Find out more…


A Wrench of a
Recruiting Challenge

A Wrench of a Recruiting Challenge


Unlike industries with homogenous approaches to training, the automotive service sector is made up of many businesses that operate autonomously. Find out more…



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