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“We are committed to being passionate, inventive, focused and undaunted, and to an environment which is energized, fun, and adaptive.”


Civicom Marketing Research Services
Our Clients

Clients often ask us… how did you get into the marketing research business? The answer is easy… our clients asked us to! Around 2004, a conferencing client that is a global marketing research firm called and asked us if we would facilitate some telephone interviews.


That success morphed into a steady stream of requests for us to facilitate their marketing research projects… and soon we added web-enabled and webcam interviews to the mix.

News Spreads

Before long we were getting calls from industry organizations asking us to attend or exhibit at their conferences. We decided to get involved, and the word of our services continued to spread.

Research Experience

Our leadership team was already heavily experienced in marketing research services from leading major global companies, or providing marketing consulting to them.

More Services

Lots of clients offered ideas and advice as well as ongoing requests for additional services. We expanded our lines of service as they requested them, to meet their needs.


Today Civicom Marketing Research Services is able to benefit from the technology strengths of Civicom, Inc. while focusing exclusively on the needs of our marketing research clients.

Global Expertise

Our global infrastructure gives us the capacity to service clients all over the world. Our global expertise at facilitating marketing research projects anywhere in the world is second to none.


We develop most of our technology from within… with our deep bench strength, we are able to quickly assess the tools and features clients say they need and create them.

Client Focus

We live by our motto “Your Project is Our Number One Priority.” Our clients tell us continuously that they value our commitment to them as individuals and to their success.

Civicom®, Inc. — Ask Why We’re Better.

Civicom is a group of people working together to create value for others. We try to do it exceptionally well because we believe we’re creating something important. Read on.

The Feathers Project

Feathers uses technology to connect distant families and allow direct charity to happen. Corporate volunteer stewards vet family recipients and ensure integrity in the process. Read more at www.feathersproject.org

Founder Donations

Civicom’s founders and seed investors pledged 10% of their founding stock (a tithe), to attacking the root causes of poverty and injustice around the world. You can help by using Civicom.

To contact us:

Civicom® Inc.
P.O. Box 4689
Greenwich, CT 06831


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Client Testimonials

We serve clients of all sizes, ranging from the Honomichl 50 to medium-sized firms, to independent moderators. In all cases, your project is our number one priority.


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