An Affordable DIY Market Research Platform for IDIs and Focus Groups

Ideal for Independent Researchers on a Budget

Webcams and Stimuli

Generates Transcripts On Demand

Backroom Chat

Create Clips and Storyboards

All In One Affordable Package

Fast, Video Deliverables

ThoughtLight Mobile App

DIY Research Facilitation

Ideal for independent researchers, MyQual provides the toolset necessary for you to execute a complete qualitative research experience on your own. Conduct your IDIs and focus groups in a secure web room, generate your video files and transcripts, utilize our multimedia management and curation tools, and even include an assignment on our mobile app, as part of the process.

The Market Research Features You Need

MyQual was created with you, the independent researcher in mind. As leaders in web-enabled IDI and focus group facilitation, we have listened and have taken advice from our clients about how to best support their needs. The MyQual package of tools and services is designed exclusively for market researchers, to enable do-it-yourself project success and a fruitful research experience for you.

You Are In Control

Use the capabilities within the MyQual package in any way you want. Your web room, ThoughtLight mobile app account, and Glide Central project curation site are yours to use as needed. At times you may require only a web room. At other times you may want to tag video or transcripts for key points, make clips, or create storyboards. You may want to add a mobile activity as well. It’s entirely your call.

User-Friendly Tools

MyQual combines three tools. One: An online web room with up to eight webcams, a stimuli upload feature, and video recording and private chat. Two: A Glide Central project site to access all of the project curation features. Three: A ThoughtLight mobile app account you can use for ‘homework’ assignments, as a screener for capturing the right respondents, or for an asynchronous study.

All-Inclusive Pricing

All the components of MyQual are included in one package price. Our pricing ensures that this DIY research package is perfect for every cost-conscious researcher. Take advantage of a single IDI or focus group rate, or book a day rate, and hold as many IDIs or focus groups as you can handle on that day. Or book as many project days you need. As the researcher, you are in control of your costs.

Tool One: An Online Web Room

Facilitate IDIs and focus groups on your own. Execute DIY interviews and focus groups online with or without webcams. Your MyQual web room offers up to eight webcams, and a stimuli upload feature, along with video recording and private, backroom chat. Offer live streaming to client observers. Civicom’s audio conferencing technology provides crystal clear audio if you need it for your sessions.

Tool Two: Project Curation Kit

Manage your video, audio and transcripts to discover and analyze your key findings using our multimedia management and curation tool, Glide Central. Bookmark important points discussed during your interviews or focus groups. Edit transcripts right on the screen. Create clips from your recordings. Utilize the storyboarding capability to showcase your research with a narrative.

Tool Three: Mobile App for Homework

Our mobile insights app, ThoughtLight, lets you collect real-time ethnographic data and get richer feedback to include in your research. Load in your project participants and create your mobile activities on your own. Capture text, audio, photo, and video responses from respondents. View app activity, send follow-ups, and comment on activities through the moderator portal.


We prioritize your privacy, data protection, and confidentiality. We are GDPR and HIPAA compliant. The data you gather is encrypted so you can store and share your findings safely.

Tech Support

MyQual includes an onboarding process to ensure that you become familiar with the tools included. Our tech team is available to answer questions during the business day when you need assistance.