Global Expertise

Our global leadership status is attributed to our unparalleled capabilities in recruiting and project facilitation for market research interviews and focus groups involving multiple countries, languages, and simultaneous translation and transcriptions.

Unparalleled Expertise

Successfully navigating international or multi-country projects as well as emerging markets requires a leader experienced in global communications. When it is time for your global project, you can turn to Civicom for the expertise your project needs globally.

Global Audio Power

Civicom is powered by a combination of proprietary global audio technology, web technology tools, and superior recording capabilities. We can facilitate your IDIs and focus groups in close to 96 countries, in English or the local language.

Local to Global

Civicom is a global leading edge provider of web-enabled and internet-based virtual technology solutions that enable marketing researchers to gather respondents, clients, moderators, and other significant parties to participate in research from wherever they are in the world.

Transcriptions & Translations

Civicom offers simultaneous and follow-up translation for global and multi-country projects. Our online bulletin board is available in over 40 languages. We provide a state-of-the-art proprietary transcription system with flexible delivery dates and provide transcriptions in multiple languages.

Any Project, Almost Anywhere

Our global expertise enables you to conduct local language interviews, focus groups, online bulletin boards, private online communities, mobile qualitative research, audio diaries, video journals, shopper insights, patient journeys, mystery shopping, and more.

You Imagine it, We do it

Technical know-how, creative thinking, and responsive client service are the key fundamentals of Civicom. We’ve facilitated virtually every kind of phone or web-enabled marketing research project possible. We set the standard in superior client service and support.


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