Mobile Website and App Usability Testing

See Me Navigate™ allows researchers to observe and probe online navigation habits for website and mobile app usability testing.
Clients can watch the UX interview in real time while also hearing the live conversation between the moderator and the respondent.

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Remote UX Research

Get simultaneous views of the respondent's mobile screen and webcam. Ask questions and interact in a web-enabled interview while they navigate your website or app.

Conduct Remote Usability Testing

Our web-based technology allows both you and your respondent to be located anywhere, making it easier than ever to conduct webcam IDIs with the added advantage of seeing the respondent's mobile screen during the interview.

We Facilitate as Needed

We facilitate as many interviews as you need to meet your specifications, whether it's ten or over one hundred, and in any combination of countries or respondent profiles.

Dedicated Support

The Civicom team will tech-check respondents for mobile compatibility, set up the interviews, and stay throughout the sessions to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Manage Deliverables

Receive streaming media files of your session in our curation platform, Glide Central. Generate transcripts, tag keywords, create clips, collaborate with staff, and share with clients.

Global Research Opportunities

Our online technology enables you to conduct usability research globally, providing insights into user behavior and assessing mobile apps and websites for global friendliness.

Simultaneous Webcam & Mobile Screen Views

Get a clear view of the respondent and their mobile screen at the same time.

Observe Website Navigation

Conduct an in-depth interview while the respondent swipes through a website or application.

Accessible Media Files

Audio, video and transcription files are conveniently delivered through our Glide platform.

Client Live Stream

Invite your clients to observe website or mobile app usability remotely in real-time

Informative Insights

Success Stories

Our case studies give you and idea of how we've applied creative thinking
to help hundreds of clients with innovative technology solutions that help them gain insights.

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