Interviews and Focus Groups for Qualitative Research

CyberFacility® integrates proprietary audio conferencing technology with secure web rooms to facilitate qualitative research focus groups and IDIs worldwide.

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New Feature

Maintain respondent confidentiality with live video blurring and audio masking

Discover The Benefits ofCivicom CyberFacility®

Advanced International Experience

Expand your market research on a global scale. We have extensive experience in facilitating projects in both single and multi-country settings.

Technical Know-How

Our facilitators perform thorough tech checks for each respondent ahead of the sessions to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Stimuli Support

Showcase optimized visuals that meet your preferences. Combine various forms of stimuli into a single format for an efficient visual presentation.

Facilitation Management

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve project success. Our facilitators will remain with you to provide support throughout each qualitative research focus group and IDI.

We Handle the Details

Details matter in project management. We’ll take care of scheduling, tracking, and deliverables so you can focus on more valuable tasks.

Knowledge of Client Needs

We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of market research. We offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Online Web Rooms

Facilitate webcam IDIs, dyads, or focus groups with respondents from separate locations.

Private Chat

Talk privately with client observers or respondents and download chat logs.

Audio Masking &
Video Blurring

Distort respondents’ voices and blur their image on camera to maintain confidentiality.

Local Language
Web Rooms

Web room access for respondents in IDIs and focus groups hosted by Civicom is available in a wide variety of languages.


Receive human- or machine-generated transcripts via email or within our Glide® Central curation platform.

Glide Central
Project Hub

Store and access all recordings and transcripts in Glide Central, a secure hub, sorted by project.

Built-In Video
Insights Tools

Generate machine transcripts almost instantly, create video clips, and combine them to make highlight reels.

Quillit ai Report Generating Tool

First-draft summaries in minutes that would take you hours.

Informative Insights

Success Stories

Our case studies give you and idea of how we've applied creative thinking
to help hundreds of clients with innovative technology solutions that help them gain insights.

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