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TranscriptionWing™ is a quality leader in voice-to-text delivery while also providing an all-human clean-up service for your machine-generated documents. We are GDPR and HIPAA-compliant and operate in a culture of confidentiality that ensures project security and personal data privacy.

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Human Experts

Get 100% human-made transcripts to preserve data accuracy. Expert transcriptionists and editors handle your recordings at every step.

Clean Up Service

Combine the speed of automation with the accuracy of human review. We can proof and upgrade your machine transcripts to match your recording.

Excel Analysis Grids

View all your interviews in one spreadsheet. Quickly identify patterns and trends in your recordings through Excel-formatted transcripts.


Hear a specific segment of your recording in one click. ListenLink allows you to play the corresponding audio to [unintelligible], [crosstalk], or [guessed words] in your transcripts for review.

Customized Formatting

Personalize our TranscriptionWing service to fit your unique needs. We can make use of your template or tailor your transcript according to your specifications.

Flexible Turnaround and Pricing

TranscriptionWing provides accurate audio and video transcriptions with multiple delivery timeframes to meet your deadline and budget.

Human-Made Transcripts

Expert transcriptionists and editors handle your recordings at every step to ensure accuracy.

Machine Transcripts Clean-up

Our transcription editing service takes machine-generated transcripts and cleans them up so that the content will accurately reflect your audio recording.

Closed Captioning

Our video captioning service meets ADA standards and enables you to extend your research to audiences with hearing disabilities and other special needs

Excel Transcripts

Move more quickly to text analytics with Excel-formatted transcripts.


ListenLinks appear as hyperlinks in your transcript. Clicking them plays the corresponding audio to [unintelligible], [crosstalk], or [guessed words] in your transcripts for your review.

Multi-Language Translations and Transcriptions

TranscriptionWing™ transforms your audio or already transcribed files into the language you need. We can transcribe from simultaneous translation or native language audio files.

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