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Civicom ChatterBox™ is an online community platform that offers a wide variety of self-directed activities. This solution equips researchers with respondent segmentation features, live chat, gamification elements, and robust analytics and reporting capabilities.

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Discover The Benefits ofCivicom ChatterBox™

Robust and Engaging

ChatterBox offers a variety of user-friendly capabilities to enhance your online community research, including gamification, analytics, and reporting tools.

Flexible Timeframes

Choose timeframes that work well with your objectives. Conduct short-term studies for agile feedback or long-term studies that can last up to a year.

Quality Support

We can program your discussion guide, set up your respondents, send reminder notifications, and help you get the most out of our activity options and analytics tools.

Multi-Language Capable

ChatterBox is available in almost 20 languages, allowing respondents to comfortably post and interact with our interface. Multi-language transcription and translation services available.

Asynchronous and

Run asynchronous online research studies and probe in real-time. Get a deeper understanding of responses and gain new perspectives from spontaneous participant interaction.

Works On All Devices

Gather insights regardless of device preference. Our online community engagement platform functions on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Activity Options

Choose from a range of task types to boost engagement: open-ended questions, stimuli mark-ups, sort and rank tools, polls, grids, and more.


Sort and cluster participants into separate discussions based on age, gender, or geography segments.


Customize activity visibility and response sharing to limit bias, and include a chronological question answering option for better control.

Live Chat

Talk with participants in real time using live chat options.

Progress Tracking

Track participation, completion rates, and leaderboards through detailed activity transcripts.


Encourage participation and completion of activities by implementing gamification with point-based rewards and defined achievement levels.

Data Export

Export research data into PDF or spreadsheet formats, including video and audio files.

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