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Our goal is to deliver authenticated respondents that yield better data. With our broad understanding of local customs in global markets, clients can count on CiviSelect’s industry experience and technical expertise in recruitment to get the most qualified respondents for their marketing research projects.

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In-Depth Understanding

Achieve project success with our in-depth understanding of market research respondent recruitment. We have the expertise to help you recruit the right people for your study.

The Right People For Your Project

Better insights come from better data quality. We're committed to data integrity to ensure every recruit meets your project specifications.

Respondent Authentication

Our rigorous screening process includes authenticating each respondent before every project to be sure they are who they say they are.

You Only Pay For Completed Interviews

You should never have to pay for recruits that don't complete their interviews. Ask about our guarantee.

A Professional Partner

We endeavor to meet your specs while setting realistic expectations on incidence, attrition, incentives levels, etc., to maximize recruit success.

Local-to-Global Scope

In addition to our own panel, we work with global partners to find you the right people wherever your research is taking place.

Respondent Data Management

Get reports that show who has been contacted, their degree of qualification, and what criteria they meet.

Control Respondent Misrepresentation

We can help you verify the quality and authenticity of respondents through short video responses to screener questions, using our ThoughtLight® Mobile App. Let clients view the videos and select their respondents of choice.

Participation Guidelines

We create project instructions to inform respondents on how to participate, the best ways to contribute insights, and what to expect from the study.

Discussion Guide Analysis

We can write, review, or edit discussion guides to ensure the study will gather the desired insights.

Screener Writing
and Review

We can help you write or review and edit your screener questions to ensure that they effectively target the desired respondents.

Tech Compatibility Check

Our service includes a thorough review of respondents' personal technology to ensure it's suitable for your study. You'll receive detailed reports that clearly show the status of the technology check.

Interview and Focus Group Scheduling

Our 24/7 global project scheduling team will work with you to find the right date and time for your participants, and ensure they're slotted in accurately.

Recruitment from Client-Provided List

Our market research respondent recruitment team can quickly and effectively recruit and verify participants from your provided list, saving you time.

Self-Scheduling Option

We can give participants project-specific links to select their preferred interview schedule based on moderator availability.

Real-Time Reporting

Get real-time updates on screener responses, recruitment quota status, and interview schedules via secure Google Sheets.

Incentive Processing

We work with a reliable partner to process incentives, ensuring that participants receive their promised compensation.

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