Mock Jury Services

Our mock jury services support in-person mock trials, as well as
a hybrid model that combines both in-person and online components. We've partnered with top-tier focus group facilities to deliver world-class recruitment and facilitation for your mock trials.

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Discover The Benefits ofCivicom Mock Jury Services

Online, In-Person, or Hybrid

Have the ability to conduct sessions from anywhere for greater convenience and flexibility. Conduct a mock trial remotely or at one of our facility partners.

Leading-Edge Technology

Map out a winning strategy using leading-edge tools. Record multiple angles in HD, gain in-depth feedback, and highlight key points for an effective mock trial experience.

Consultant Support

Our team is readily available throughout every stage of your project to ensure every aspect of your mock jury trials online are well-organized and coordinated.

Recruiting Services

We can deliver potential mock jurors that meet the profiles you want included in your mock juror mix. Our recruiting network reaches into almost every geographic location.

Prepare Strategies

Simulate real-life courtroom tactics using an immersive virtual platform. Our services lets you identify potential weaknesses in the case to help refine your strategies.

Customized Services

Our services can be tailored to meet your needs. We arrange your evidence, graphics, videos, audios, and live presentations according to your desired specifications.

Multiple Camera Views

We can provide as many cameras as necessary for clear and comprehensive views of the mock trial.

Dial Testing

View real-time data on how mock jurors are reacting in the moment as they hear and see presentations and testimony.

Juror Recruitment and Onboarding

We will present you with a selection of potential mock jurors for your review and handle any detail you assign.

Deliberation Rooms

We can direct mock jurors into online breakout rooms for small group deliberations.

Translation and Captioning

Add translated captions to non-English files to make them understandable for an English-speaking audience.

Neuro-Measurement Options

Get deeper insight into the emotional and cognitive responses of the mock trial participants.

Human Transcriptions

Get an accurate transcription of the trial that can be reviewed later for feedback and analysis.

Video Clipping and Insight Reels

Highlight important points in the case and get feedback on specific parts of the trial.

Quillit ai Report Generating Tool

First-draft summaries in minutes that would take you hours.

Survey Capabilities

We will modify your polls, surveys, or questionnaires according to how you want them to appear to your participants

Informative Insights

Success Stories

Our case studies give you and idea of how we've applied creative thinking
to help hundreds of clients with innovative technology solutions that help them gain insights.

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