In-Person and Hybrid Video Streaming for Market Research

CCam® focus is a portable, state-of-the-art 360° HD recording and streaming solution with integrated video insights tools. Elevate the client experience with multiple camera views, no-cost equipment setup, and end-to-end support.

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Hybrid Model

Merge in-facility participants with remote moderators, observers, and participants in a single live focus group session.

Tech Checks and Monitoring

Our team is readily available to troubleshoot issues that may arise and ensure that your technology is working properly during the session.

Available Overnight in Most Common Locations

With multiple facility partner locations worldwide, our team can accommodate your last-minute project requests.

Multiple Camera Angles

Capture the full aspect of your live streaming market research. We can provide as many cameras as necessary so you can see your subject in every perspective.

Portable Plug & Play

CCam is ideal for in-facility and remote locations. See where your research takes you with a compact, plug-and-play solution that takes minutes to set up.

Facility Partners

Utilize our well-established network of facility partners equipped with CCam cameras, conveniently available in various locations throughout the nation.

HD 360° with
Active Talker

View all in-facility respondents on one screen with simultaneous 360° HD panoramic and active speaker views.

Take CCam with You Anywhere

Our CCam kits can be easily installed at any site of your choosing, allowing you to host projects outside a traditional facility.

See Every Angle

Our pan, tilt, and zoom camera allows you to see the activity from any angle.

Glide Central
Project Hub

Store and access all recordings and transcripts sorted by project. Tag, mark, edit, and create clips and storyboards.

Built-In Video
Insights Tools

Generate machine transcripts almost instantly, create video clips, and combine them to make highlight reels.

Quillit ai Report Generating Tool

First-draft summaries in minutes that would take you hours.

CCam is Available worldwide

Benefit from Our Established
Industry Relationships and Network

Additional Locations Can Be Fully Equipped in 24-48 Hours

We Partner with the

Most Important Facility Providers

Informative Insights

Success Stories

Our case studies give you and idea of how we've applied creative thinking
to help hundreds of clients with innovative technology solutions that help them gain insights.

IDIs & Focus Groups
Mobile Insights App
Video Curation Tools
Online Community Platform
DIY Research
Transcriptions & Translations
Usability Testing App
Dedicated Project Management Team
Reputable Technical Proficiency
International Expertise
Success Focused Process
Robust Methodology
Logistical Heavy Lifting
Online IDIs and focus groups featuring integrated proprietary audio conferencing and web rooms hosted in our secure private cloud.
Search and Tag
Time Markers
Create Clips
Customize Storyboards
Team Collaboration
Share Securely
Organize and edit media files and transcriptions to locate and analyze key findings. Grant per-project permissions to users. Works seamlessly with CyberFacility & CCam.
Audio Clip Linking
Scalable Pricing
Video Captioning
Flexible Turnaround
Integrated seamlessly with CyberFacility and CCam. Choose a customizable text format or delivery in Excel for text analytics.
The Right Recruits
Ready Respondents
Local to Global
Industry Diversity
Project Management
Technical Expertise
Our knowledge of what makes a successful market research respondent in a web-enabled study is applied to our technical analysis of your screener.
Robust & Engaging
Multi-Language Capable
Flexible Timeframes
Asynchronous &
Quality Support
Respondent Segmentation
Our powerful yet user-friendly capabilities which include features like gamification, analytics, and reporting tools, can make a huge impact on the success of your research.
Accurate User Feedback
User Behavior Insights
Efficient Testing Process
Multi-Platform Testing
Detailed Analytics Data
Cost-Effective Solution
With the ubiquity of mobile devices, it has never been more important to understand how your website performs on mobile devices or whether your mobile apps are working well.
Easy to Use App
Offline Capability
Audio, Video & Text
Powerful Admin Tools
Geo Location & Fencing
Easy Data Download
Perfect for asynchronous research involving audio diaries, patient journeys, and respondent shopper studies.
Webcams & Stimuli
Create Clips & Storyboards
Transcripts On Demand
Fast Media Deliverables
Backroom Chat
User-Friendly Tools
Ideal for independent researchers, MyQual provides the toolset necessary for you to execute a complete qualitative research experience on your own.

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