eGuides To Successful Qualitative Research

The Fundamental Guide to In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups
A Comprehensive Guide on Working with Market Research Online Communities (MROCs)
The Market Researcher’s How-To Guide to Mobile Research
The Modern Researcher’s Guide to Conducting Research in a Global Market
The Market Researcher’s Ultimate Learning Resource on Respondent Recruitment
The Essential Guide to Audio and Video Management for Market Researchers
A Master Resource in Understanding Moderators for Market Research
The Global Market Researcher’s Guide to Translations and Language Services
Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Civicom Marketing Research Services Unique?

The main factor that is truly unique to Civicom Marketing Research Services is the exceptionally high quality of service that we provide. Any client you speak with will tell you that our responsiveness and commitment to project success sets us apart in the industry. We are a trusted partner for our clients and not just another technology vendor. Your project success is our number one priority.

Can I Use My Own Recruiter or Translator?

Absolutely. While we can provide exceptional support for recruitment and translation needs, we don’t require you to utilize our recruitment or translation services in order to utilize our other offerings. If you have an existing relationship with a recruiter or translator, we are happy to work alongside them to contribute to your project success. It’s very possible, we’ve already established a working relationship with those resources, as well!

What Languages Do You Support?

We can support any language that your research requires! We currently have facilitators on staff that are bilingual in Spanish and English. For any other languages, we have an extensive database of translation resources that can be brought in to provide real-time simultaneous translation of an IDI or Focus Group, document and stimuli translation, translated transcriptions, and more.

How Much Does It Cost?

We offer competitive pricing on a per project basis for all services that we offer. When you share with us the specifications of your study, we provide a detailed project estimate tailored to the needs of your project. We also provide volume discounted options depending on your project’s parameters.

How Do I Get Started?

All you need to do is contact us! You can start a live chat with us or submit a request via the Contact Us form on our website. You can call us at +1-203-413-2423. You can email us at Or you can reach out to your designated account manager or reply to any email you’ve received from someone on our team. We’re ready to coordinate you in the way that is easiest and most efficient for you.

Is Respondent Data Safe And Secure?

Absolutely. We adhere to very strict privacy and confidentiality protocols within our internal processes. This includes meeting the demands of GDPR and HIPAA regulations, and more. We take the security of information very seriously. More information is readily available in our privacy policy, found on the website. Feel free to request more detail or information as needed regarding any privacy and security requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With You?

At Civicom, our motto is “Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority!” This isn’t just a saying for us, it’s our company culture. Every member of our team is fully committed to doing our part to drive your project to a successful result.

What Do Civicom Marketing Research Clients Say?

“Because of the quality of Civicom’s people, and your unique technical abilities, I insisted we go with Civicom rather than anyone else for this project!” Read more of the positive vibes we receive from our clients in our testimonials section below.