Case Study

Vehicle Research Comes Alive With Multiple Camera Perspectives Using CCam® focus

Nov 23, 2022


A leading automotive manufacturer wanted to conduct in-vehicle testing of emerging technology features being designed to improve the driver experience. Their market research company partnered with Civicom Marketing Research Services to use Civicom’s CCam® focus portable recording and streaming technology to view participant reactions in a live demonstration that could be viewed by clients and observers who would watch the sessions remotely. 

The Challenge

This study aimed to capture focus group discussions inside a car as participants reacted to a unique vehicle feature. The clients also wanted to observe participant reactions in real-time. 

The challenge for CCam was to capture all angles of an in-vehicle testing experience that included three focus group participants and a project moderator in each test. CCam also recorded and streamed the pre- and post-test discussion in a facility conference room.

What We Delivered

To conduct the in-vehicle tests, we installed the CCam 360° camera between the driver and front passenger seat to capture the car’s interior while the moderator and participants discussed the vehicle and its technology. The power box and computer were placed behind the car’s center compartment. A hotspot device was placed on the car’s hood to establish a stable internet connection for the mobile devices and the computer that would be recording. 

In addition to the CCam 360° camera, we installed a smartphone on both the left and right sides of the windshield to generate additional views inside the vehicle. One phone was positioned looking downwards to show the driver’s car door panel and the left side of the steering wheel. The phone on the right side captured the front view of everyone inside the vehicle.

For the first part of the study, the focus group met in a conference room for a preliminary conversation on the scope of the study. They then proceeded in groups of three to the outfitted vehicle to test the features. After the live vehicle demonstration, the group returned to the facility conference room to continue their discussion. Sessions inside the conference room were also video recorded and streamed using CCam’s portable technology to enable remote observers to view the pre- and post-driver experience discussions.

Portability Advantages

CCam’s portability was an advantage. Remote viewers were able to see a smooth transition from the conference room to the garage and back to the conference room. Thanks to CCam’s HD 360° recording capabilities, participants’ facial reactions and responses were clearly seen and heard throughout.

CCam’s panoramic and active speaker views provided remote clients with an intimate and immersive view of the discussions and in-car experiences without having to be physically present. Even with multiple location changes within just one session, they could still observe moderator and participant interaction up close. 

By optimizing technology in a dynamic and effective way, CCam was able to drive the client’s project to success. Automotive feature testing is an important part of improving both driver and passenger experience. CCam is an ideal solution for testing options that may be attractive to potential car buyers

Setting Up Multiple Camera Views

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