4 Market Research Techniques to Use in Digital Marketing

Danielle Marbellagas
Oct 21, 2020

A digital marketing approach is designed to reach today’s modern consumer as it allows you to connect with your prospects in a multitude of ways online. It undeniably provides business value and is vital for brand awareness. Digital marketing has undoubtedly shaped the future of marketing. 


However, coming up with the right digital marketing strategy comes with numerous challenges. Fortunately, market research can be useful in digital marketing. Through various market research techniques, digital marketers will be able to come up with a successful campaign to further strengthen brand awareness and increase consumer reach. 


Here are some market research practices you can use in digital marketing:


Figure out the Right Audience and Segment them Effectively

Creating an effective message is important. But what if you don’t have the right audience? It’s important to know who is interested in and will benefit the most from your service or product. This information can be acquired by conducting audience research. Make use of all your mediums including emails, blog posts, adverts, tweets, etc.; and determine the people who connect with you the most through looking at open rates, bounce rates, subscriptions, likes, shares, retweets, and many more. 


Another way to increase audience engagement is audience segmentation. Segmenting your audience will allow you to send the right message to the appropriate audience. It ensures that the content you send is relevant to each prospect, enabling you to further build your relationship with them. This, in turn, can increase conversion and improve sales.


Monitor and Listen to Consumers

A huge part of market research relies on listening to your prospect targets. Fortunately, this is made easier in today’s digital era through various tools, including social media platforms, as prospects are more comfortable sharing their thoughts and interests online. Organizations can easily identify trends and create elaborate buyer personas by figuring out common terms consumers use in these channels. Moreover, tuning in to your prospects will enable you to tailor your message to each specific buyer persona.


Conduct Various Tests to Hone Your Message

It’s important to try different approaches when creating your message. There are multiple factors to consider such as keywords, format, and message length. Make sure to test different messages with varying audiences and see how they respond to find out which message works the best. Finding out which channel generates the most traffic is important as well. 


Track and Record Data

Market researchers are able to virtually track a lot of information from page visits, email response rates, app traffic, conversions, and many more. Tracking enables you to get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. It helps you see which areas are lacking and in need of improvements for a more effective marketing strategy. You can also further optimize your campaign through conversion tracking. This will help you understand what persuades your audience to convert.

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