Video Curation Platform

Review and tag your video and audio, edit transcripts, bookmark important points, and analyze your key findings using our multimedia management tool. Create clips, storyboards, and highlight reels. Share collaboration rights with your colleagues to move projects faster.

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Effective Storytelling

Bring your research to life in your reports. Organize and connect your insights into dynamic video stories that can influence your stakeholders.

Keywords, Tagging, Clipping

Condense large amounts of content into an impactful report. Highlight keywords using tagging, clipping, storyboarding, and transcription features.

Quillit ai - Reports in Minutes, Not Hours

Generate first drafts from your transcripts, audio, and video deliverables. Quillit is GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA compliant.

Collaboration Tools

Collaborate with your team and keep clients in the loop. Securely share project content with customizable access controls and viewing privileges.

Seamless Integration

View all your content in one place. Video, audio and transcripts from Civicom IDI and focus group platforms go automatically into Glide.

We Keep Your Data Safe

We keep all your project deliverables in our secure archive. For security, files are deleted after 6 months unless you request deletion sooner.

Project Hub

Store and access all recordings and transcripts in a secure hub, sorted by project.

Keyword Tagging

Create and apply keywords to recordings and transcripts to extract relevant points you want to bring to life.

Time Marking

Utilize markers to identify important moments in your recordings and transcripts. Click on any marker to automatically jump to a specific moment in a file. Add notes to remember why you created each marker.

Audio and Video Clipping

Our clipping tool allows you to grab recording and transcription snippets and set them aside to include in your report.

Storyboard and Reels

Organize and combine your clips into a dynamic storyboard to include in your client report. Create narrative or visual transitions between sequences Export it as an MP4 file.

Collaborate With
Your Team

Glide Central lets you provide project access to team members and viewing privileges to clients. Control the level of access granted. The number of collaborators you can add is not limited.

Informative Insights

Success Stories

Our case studies give you and idea of how we've applied creative thinking
to help hundreds of clients with innovative technology solutions that help them gain insights.

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