Mobile Ethnography App

Perfect for asynchronous research involving audio diaries, patient journeys, and shopper studies. Researchers have access to respondent management and analytics tools while also receiving end-to-end support on respondent technology troubleshooting, user registration, and activity programming.

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Create Respondent Profiles

Create user profiles by sending email invites with research details, app download instructions, and credentials for respondents to see their pending tasks upon logging in.

Program Discussion Guide

Gather your desired insights as we take care of the details. Our team can write, review, or edit your discussion guide to ensure your project yields insights that matter.

Email Reminders To Respondents

We’ll make sure your project stays on track by sending regular email reminders to respondents.

Real-Time Discussion Guide Assistance

Need last-minute changes to your discussion guide? Our team can modify it to ensure all necessary topics are covered, helping you achieve your research goals with ease.

Streamline Report Creation

Quickly generate insightful reports from your research findings. Impress your stakeholders with compelling visuals and simplify your project workflow with ease.

Authenticate Your Respondents

Gather qualified people that meet your research criteria by utilizing ThoughtLight to screen and authenticate potential candidates.

Easy To Use
Mobile Insights App

Make data collection a breeze and gather valuable feedback while respondents go about their day.

Gather Audio, Video
and Text

Capture data in any format you need. Design various activities that generate audio, video, text, or photo responses.

Location-Based Activities

Trigger activities and capture where respondents are in the moment using GPS positioning and permission-based geolocation.

Offline Capability

Respondents can complete tasks offline and upload their answers once an internet connection is established.

Powerful Admin Tools

Keep track of respondents' progress using our powerful admin tools.

Easy Data Download

Streamline data analysis and download respondent data with just a few clicks.

Integrate with our other tools

ThoughtLight can be paired with our other services as a respondent screening tool, or for pre-interview or focus group homework activities.

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to help hundreds of clients with innovative technology solutions that help them gain insights.

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