Feb 05, 2018
CiviCom MRS

TranscriptionWing™ Launches Clean-Up Service for Automated Transcripts


Civicom® transcribing service TranscriptionWing™ announces the addition of automated transcription clean-up to its general transcription service offerings. The new service caters to clients in need of reworking their machine-generated transcriptions into readable transcripts with higher accuracy.

Today, the transcription industry has become inundated with many seemingly convenient automated transcription options. But these AI-powered voice-to-text services, while cheap and quick to produce, remain challenged in various aspects: regional accents, fast speakers, and multiple participants in overlapping conversations are indistinguishable to machine-run speech-to-text conversion processes, therefore producing subpar transcripts littered with mishears all throughout, and missing key content vital to the transcript as a whole.

TranscriptionWing’s new clean-up service is an answer to this gap of quality that is critical to transcription clients: complete, accurate transcriptions that is still within their budget. With a promise of affordability, flexibility, and high accuracy, TranscriptionWing will proof the automatically generated transcripts and transform them into readable, workable transcripts fit for insight discovery, reports, or documentation. With an experienced team of in-house transcribers and editors working with the best client experience in mind, TranscriptionWing assures only the best quality with every request processed through the pipeline.

TranscriptionWing’s new clean-up service for automated transcriptions is an answer to the quality gap that is critical to transcription clients.

About TranscriptionWing™

Originally established to provide transcriptions complementing Civicom’s conferencing services, TranscriptionWing continues to serve affordable and accurate general transcriptions to various industry sectors including market research, technology, finance, as well as legal, educational, and religious institutions.

TranscriptionWing™ specializes in general transcription services, providing accurate audio transcriptions at flexible turnaround options from four hours to five days at rates that are as low as $1.29 per recorded minute. TranscriptionWing operates in a culture of confidentiality that ensures project security and client information privacy.

While many services try, test, and struggle with the automation of speech-to-text conversion, TranscriptionWing continues to provide the indispensable human touch in the transcription process.

TranscriptionWing is a service of Civicom Inc., a reliable global leader in serving the marketing research community with advanced virtual communications solutions for the world’s top organizations, with a strong industry presence in facilitating virtual IDIs and focus groups, online multimedia boards, and mobile research. Civicom is powered by a combination of proprietary audio conferencing technology, online meeting software, web technology tools, superior recording capabilities, and a proprietary transcription system. For more information, visit

Source: PRWeb

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