The new corporate Civicom website features a more user-friendly, streamlined layout allowing easier access to Civicom’s technology facilitated services, including three new product and service additions. The company’s existing solutions now include Civicom® Conferencing; Civicom® Large Event Calls; ConferTel® Webinars; Civicom® Marketing Research Services™; TranscriptionWing™; Dial-A-Note® CRM; Please.Do™ Enterprise and Consumer Remote Assistants, Tip-Tour™, and Feathers Project™.

Prospective clients are now welcomed with Civicom’s current suite of services and up-to-date information on the provider’s expertise in each of these various fields. With the new layout, prospective clients can easily identify which solutions would best fit their needs. The new website is also mobile responsive and can be viewed on various mobile screens from smartphones to tablets accessible to users on-the-go.

Civicom prides itself in being able to unceasingly innovate and offer multiple types of technology solutions for organizations globally. The updated website will be a great avenue and resource for prospective clients.

For more information on any of Civicom’s multiple services, please visit

Civicom’s new mobile responsive corporate website features new additions in its technology facilitated services, expanding its reach in providing exceptional service to clients.

About Civicom

Civicom serves many of the world’s top 500 and largest corporations with advanced communications solutions, and is able to do so at a very low cost due to a next-generation SIP technology platform; the first implementation of its kind in the U.S. The company was founded in 2000 on the premise that a combination of low-cost, convenience and excellence in communication services would meet with broad acceptance in the marketplace. Civicom’s current services include phone conferencing, self-directed and operator-managed event calls, large conference calls, web conferencing, managed webinars, marketing research services, transcription services, CRM solutions, point of interest travel app, and enterprise and consumer mobile remote assistants.