May 17, 2021
CiviCom MRS

Civicom® Marketing Research Services Is A Digital Sponsor and Exhibitor at NEXT 2021

Civicom® Marketing Research Services Digital Sponsor and Exhibitor NEXT 2021

Civicom® Marketing Research Services is set to attend the NEXT 2021 Virtual Conference on April 18-20, 2021 as a digital sponsor and exhibitor. Civicom® will be showcasing its suite of leading-edge marketing research solutions.

The NEXT Virtual Conference is a yearly event that explores future consumer trends and the role of insights professionals in creating cultures of change, innovation, and evolution in the industry.

As a global leader, Civicom® continues to collaborate with and take inspiration from members of the insights community in developing innovative and practical marketing research solutions. Civicom® will be joining thought leaders and service providers in exploring new ideas and trending tools to help further progress in research.

Global leader Civicom® continues to advocate for innovative and practical solutions for the marketing research industry by exploring emerging methods and new tools at the NEXT 2021 Virtual Conference.

Civicom’s suite of services include Civicom CyberFacility® In-Depth Interview and Focus Group solution powered by advanced proprietary audio technology combined with secured managed web rooms, CCam® focus, an HD 360° recording and streaming solution that brings hybrid remote capabilities to in-person research, and TranscriptionWing™, a provider of high-quality transcriptions for the market research community.

Register here to join Civicom® Marketing Research Services at NEXT 2021.

About Civicom® Marketing Research Services

Civicom® Marketing Research Services is the global leader in facilitating web in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups (Civicom CyberFacility®). We offer a portable HD 360° recording and streaming solution for live, in-person focus groups in almost every facility globally (CCam® focus), and an intuitive online curation platform for audio and video management (Glide Central®).

We provide Transcriptions (TranscriptionWing™), Translations, Recruiting (CiviSelect™), Online Communities/Bulletin Boards featuring advanced analytic tools (Civicom ChatterBox™), a Mobile Qualitative Research App (Civicom ThoughtLight®), and See Me Navigate™ for remote App and Website Usability Testing. Our Global Expertise allows us to deliver advanced marketing research services in almost every country in multiple languages.

Our expertise extends to our technical and service support for our clients. At Civicom®, “Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority.” Every member of our team is fully committed to doing our part to drive your project to a successful result. Experience the difference when you trust your project to us.

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