Jan 13, 2016
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Civicom® Webinar Tackles Effective Mobile Usability Testing with See Me Navigate™

Civicom® Webinar Tackles Effective Mobile Usability Testing with See Me Navigate™

Leading global marketing research facilitator Civicom® will feature See Me Navigate™, the company’s mobile website and app usability solution, in a webinar series that will be featured during several time zones between January 19 and 22, 2016.

Website and mobile app usability testing continues to be a hot topic among marketing researchers due to increasing competition among businesses wanting to know how mobile websites and apps are being used and how effective they are. Civicom See Me Navigate™ is a qualitative solution for mobile website and app usability testing. See Me Navigate™ effectively enables researchers to see and talk with individuals virtually, while simultaneously observing the individual’s mobile device screen on the viewer’s computer. These studies can be conducted online almost anywhere in the world.

Researchers and their invited observers are able to actually see what a respondent is doing on their smart phone or tablet, right though a computer screen. This enables the researcher to ask questions and observe apps as they are being used, websites as they are being navigated, and to see firsthand any other ways in which it may be important to understand how a mobile device is being used to obtain information. The researcher is able to probe for insights in real-time. The result is being able to understand how well an app or website is performing to deliver the intended results. This is particularly important in learning how to effectively mobilize a website that has traditionally been viewed only on a computer.

Civicom’s facilitation and tech support provides the researcher all the support needed to create a successful mobile website/app usability interview.  This allows the researcher to focus entirely on the respondent as the respondent navigates mobile platforms: how they swipe, change settings, and how they search using their respective devices. Using this tool, the respondent’s screen is viewable real-time to the researcher and their client at the same time through Civicom’s online portal. See Me Navigate’s capabilities permit the researcher to have total engagement with the respondent, thus ensuring the uncovering of vital and relevant insights.

Civicom’s multi-language support and worldwide web-enabled services enable global insights, leading to a global win for cross-cultural studies.

Attendees of the webinar will learn how See Me Navigate™ can effectively bridge a respondent to the researcher by being able to clearly view their mobile activity through screen sharing. This enables both the researcher and the respondent the flexibility of participation from the comfort of a home or office.

Dazzle your clients by becoming a mobile usability guru with Civicom’s webinar entitled “Give Your Clients Insights into How Mobile Search Impacts their Business.” It will be presented on the following dates and times:

For North America and Canada clients:
Tuesday, January 19, 2016
2:00PM (Eastern)/1:00PM (Central)/12:00PM (Mountain)/11:00AM (Pacific)

For UK and European clients:
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
3:00 PM UK and 4:00 PM (Frankfurt/Paris/Rome/Madrid)
10:00 AM (Eastern)/9:00AM (Central)/8:00AM (Mountain)/7:00AM (Pacific)

For Asia Pacific clients:
Friday, January 22, 2016 – 9:00AM(Singapore Time)
Thursday, January 21, 2016 – 8:00PM(Eastern) / 7:00PM(Central) / 6:00PM(Mountain) / 5:00PM(Pacific)

Click here to attend this webinar. 

About Civicom Marketing Research

Civicom Marketing Research Services is a global innovator in qualitative research tools using the latest technology solutions for marketing research. The company works hand in hand with market research firms, facilitating marketing research projects both locally, as well as those with extensive global reach.

Civicom Marketing Research Services offers many options to enhance the research process for marketing research professionals. Civicom is the global leader in facilitating telephone and web-enabled IDIs and Focus Groups using Civicom CyberFacility®. Civicom also offers Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research, a qualitative tool to conduct audio diaries and patient journeys. Civicom operates in over 96 countries and offers extensive translation services for marketing researchers, as well as transcriptions through TranscriptionWing™, and respondent recruiting through CiviSelect™. All of these services are available in Spanish, as well as English, as well as other languages.

Civicom Marketing Research chooses to be as dynamic as it is innovative; always listening to and acting on clients’ ideas and requests as makes sense. This kind of relationship has paved the way for the development and rollout of new services.

Source: PRWeb

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