Case Study

Dyad Dynamics - Two Simultaneous Breakouts in One Unique Interview

Mar 28, 2019

The Challenge

How did we help a moderator who wanted to conduct a series of dyads with two respondents simultaneously, each having a different stimuli shown to them in the same interview, and obtain their responses separately?

The Solution

The discussion was held in a single online/remote interview setting, using only one web room and conferencing line, in order to meet with the two respondents simultaneously during the first and last part of the dyad. Using Civicom CyberFacility®, we were able to execute the moderator’s plan with both respondents present in the conference at the same time while logged in to the same online web room.

When the time came for the moderator to share the different stimuli with the respondents, she was joined by her co-moderator. We then set up two simultaneous breakout sessions on the platform. By doing so, Mod1 and Resp1 were together on Audio 1, looking at Stimuli1, whereas, Mod2 and Resp2 were together on Audio 2, looking at Stimuli 2.

All of this was accomplished using only one web room and one conferencing line. After the moderators received feedback from the respondents separately, we ended the breakout sessions and brought everyone back to the main call and platform for the remaining portion of the dyad.This process was repeated until all of the interviews were completed.

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