Case Study

Flexible Transcript Formatting Essential to a Research Project

Feb 14, 2019
Transcriptionist formatting files to send to market researchers

The Challenge

A research group for a known pharmaceutical company needed their transcripts customized with different styles for highlighting pertinent content, which was critical to their documentation and review process. They wanted the questions from their stimuli placed in an Excel sheet with the corresponding answers transcribed and summarized.

The Solution

TranscriptionWing accepts unique transcript formats and templates. Prior to TranscriptionWing, this client was ordering transcripts from a different provider and taking the time to do all the formatting and note taking in Excel.

When TranscriptionWing heard about the situation, a customized Excel template was created exclusively for the client, with conditional formatting highlights of transcribed relevant data from 40 recorded interviews.

Before requesting an Excel template, the client sent discussion guides and stimuli. They wanted the template to feature the questions from their stimuli in rows and the transcribed and summarized answers in columns. In addition, to make it easier for them to move from one section to another and analyze the pertinent answers/data from the respondent, they requested TranscriptionWing to color-code sections of the interview and questions.

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