Generational Marketing Through Digital Transformation

Rafael Roxas
Oct 07, 2021

Generational Marketing

The diversity of digital tools carries a dilemma for marketing researchers because our populations’ generational differences make it complicated to choose the ideal qualitative research methods for each age group. Generational Marketing aims to help us bridge that gap.

Baby Boomers

Growing up in a post-WWII era marked by the rise of television, globalization and mass production, Baby Boomers view technology as another channel to gather information that can improve their lifestyle. In terms of marketing content, they respond best to educational materials such as recipes, product demos, news sites, and lifestyle blogs. In terms of qualitative market research, given their preference for face-to-face conversations, phone calls, and email, a mixture of online video conferencing, IDIs, focus groups, and surveys are the most effective means to increase engagement.

Generation X

As the last generation to reach adulthood before the internet, they favor a mix of traditional and digital messaging. Gen X currently makes up the largest portion of the workforce and typically use technology to research businesses they interact with. In terms of marketing content, they respond well to television advertising and direct mail. In terms of qualitative market research, using online surveys, clipboards, polling, and journals cater to their preferences for short and concise communication.


Entering teen/adulthood alongside the explosion of Google and with unlimited access to the latest gadgets, social networks and gaming systems has made millennials eager to explore new product innovations as soon as they’re released. In terms of marketing content, an omnichannel strategy that spans multiple touchpoints is key. They respond well to personalization and dislike traditional, interruption-driven advertising formats. In terms of qualitative market research, chat messaging and online community bulletin boards satiate their preferences for messaging and email-based communication.

Generation Z

As the group that has never known a world without technology, they expect a fluid blend of digital experiences and will only engage with brands that offer more than a basic one-to-one transaction. In terms of marketing content, they’re the most accepting of sponsored content and regularly embrace brand interactions. Augmented and virtual reality technologies are two of the formats they resonate with. In terms of qualitative market research, they do well in all types of online research methodology because of their upbringing as the first digital natives.

Civicom Embraces The Future

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