Mar 15, 2016
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Hit the Jackpot: Civicom® Holds Webinar on Gamification Tools

Hit the Jackpot: Civicom® Holds Webinar on Gamification Tools

Leading global marketing research solutions provider Civicom® will feature Civicom ChatterBox® gamification tools in an upcoming webinar that will be available in several time zones from March 15-17.

Gamification capability is one of the highlights of Civicom ChatterBox®, an enhanced online bulletin board solution for marketing researchers. Gamification activities in asynchronous research discussions on an online research platform increase engagement significantly. Gamification effectively inspires respondents to proactively participate with the use of game components such as implementing challenges, leveling up after a number of tasks, and incentivizing the accomplishment of challenges.

Driving respondent participation in online bulletin boards can be tricky, but gamification tools can help steer that engagement full on.

Civicom Marketing Research Services will meet with prospects and clients at this year’s event, strengthening its already established commitment to Civicom clients in the UK and the EU. The Company recently established its London office serving the UK and Europe. Being part of events such as Impact 2016 aligns with Civicom Marketing Research Services’ unceasing pursuit of developing innovative technology solutions as a multi-country solutions provider of marketing research support worldwide.

Gamification is widespread in popularity as companies come to understand that it is an idea methodology for rewarding participants with status and achievement. It is also an excellent tool for achieving collaboration through teams and competition. Research surveys report that the gamification industry reached over $2 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach over $5 billion by 2018. Additional studies report high percentages of favorable views among the public toward the value of friendly competition.

The gamification tools included in Civicom ChatterBox® are an ideal solution for asynchronous research studies. They help drive up maximum participation and can help eliminate the need for re-recruiting respondents due to possible unreliable insights from incomplete answers or disengagement. This in turn lessens the need to invest more time in managing respondents and saves researchers money in the process.

The webinar will tackle different gamification capabilities available through the platform, such setting up a reward system or incentive options, implementing rankings or leaderboards, and monitoring participant progress. Attendees will also learn about the flexible report generation capabilities and easy-to-use analytics of Civicom ChatterBox®, ensuring efficient insight tracking and the ultimate success of a study.

Civicom’s webinar entitled “Hit the Jackpot! Set Up Challenges and Rewards and Make Research Studies Fun with Civicom Chatterbox Gamification” will be presented on the following dates and times:

For North America and Canada clients:
March 15 – 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

For UK and European clients:
March 16 – 3 pm UK / 4 pm (Frankfurt/Paris/Rome/Madrid)

For Asia Pacific clients:
March 17 – 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET
March 18 – 9 am Singapore Time

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Civicom Marketing Research Services is a global innovator in qualitative research tools using the latest technology solutions for marketing research. The company works hand in hand with market research firms, facilitating marketing research projects both locally, as well as with extensive global reach.

Civicom Marketing Research Services offers many options to enhance the research process for marketing research professionals. Civicom is the global leader in facilitating telephone and web-enabled IDIs and Focus Groups using Civicom CyberFacility®. Civicom also offers Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research, a qualitative tool to conduct audio diaries and patient journeys. Civicom operates in over 96 countries and offers extensive translation services for marketing researchers, as well as transcriptions through TranscriptionWing™, and respondent recruiting through CiviSelect™. All of these services are available in Spanish, as well as English, as well as other languages.

Civicom Marketing Research chooses to be as dynamic as it is innovative; always listening to and acting on clients’ ideas and requests as makes sense. This kind of relationship has paved the way for the development and rollout of new services.

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