Why Choose Civicom for Your IDI and Focus Group Needs?


An in-depth understanding of market research is what we intend to accomplish. Our services are tailored to support the specific requirements of your unique project and we have designed solutions that our clients never imagined could be possible with telephone and web-enabled technology for the success of your study.


Civicom is powered by its proprietary global audio conferencing technology platform designed and maintained exclusively for serving Civicom clients and customers. We directly manage the quality of your audio experience, unlike organizations that are dependent on the limits of a third-party audio provider.


Our well-trained technicians can manage everything in your IDIs and focus groups from tech checks, updating a webcam tracker so that you always know what is going on, making sure that all your participants are ready for the discussion, and solving any technical problems that may arise in-between sessions.


We offer telephone and web-enabled solutions globally as Civicom is an expert in managing your international IDIs and focus groups. Our team is significantly experienced in connecting parties in virtually every country. Your project can be based in the U.S., EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East.

Conduct IDIs and Focus Groups with Qualitative Interview Software

Researcher on a pc managing an in-depth interview with respondents

Self-Directed and Webcam IDIs

We are the global leader in telephone and web-enabled interviews and focus group facilitation. Through CyberFacility’s proprietary audio technology and multiple tools, you can facilitate self-directed IDIs or Dyads as well as webcam IDIs. We will make sure that you are comfortable in advance with your own image in the webcam screen and can view yourself later on the streaming media file.

Marketer on a Computer leading a focus group discussion

Focus Group Discussions

Focus group discussions let you build rapport with respondents as well as establish camaraderie between them. By utilizing it, your respondents are able to provide more detailed insights. Rest assured, Civicom lets you conduct your focus group discussions anywhere in the world. An experienced technician is also available throughout your focus group to support your success and help you with whatever you need.

CSR showcasing her global multilingual talents

Multi-Language Capabilities

Involve countries anywhere in the world. We provide local toll free numbers so observers can join easily and no longer have to worry about expensive international calling fees. We also provide screener and discussion guide translation, simultaneous translation during interviews or focus groups, and transcripts in most languages. We offer project management and bi-lingual assistance in Spanish as well.

Woman on a computer included in an IDI

Stimuli Assistance

Civicom lets you make the most out of your web-enabled IDIs and focus groups when conducting ideation studies by including multiple pieces of stimuli as well as incorporating various forms of it into a format that will let you showcase all of the visuals efficiently. All you have to do is provide us with your stimuli and our team can present it according to your preference in real time.

Man on a desktop navigating through a website for usability testing

Website Usability

Get more insight on how your respondents navigate a client website through website usability where you can directly observe each respondent screen as they’re browsing using a screen-share function. In addition, you will receive a streaming media file of the interview afterwards. Civicom Marketing Research Services also helps facilitate website usability studies globally and across the U.S.

Market research software for audio masking and video blurring for security

Audio Masking and Video Blurring

Protecting your personal identifiable information or PII is important. Keep your participants’ voice confidential by using our Audio Masking service along with our Face Blurring feature that edits/blurs your respondents’ image so that they are not recognizable when the video is played back. This eliminates the possibility of your respondent being identified by the end client and further prevents their personal information from getting leaked.

Woman moderator on a laptop dealing with clients through chat

Client Chat Capability

When you’re conducting a phone-only interview, your clients may want to listen in and observe, or even pass you messages and probing questions relevant to your on-going interview. Civicom Marketing Research Services can readily provide you with a webroom to be used for behind-the-scenes client chat during your phone-only studies, to simplify this communication process throughout each interview in your study.

Explore the active talker feature of Civicom's market research software for IDIs

Active Talker

Prevent misunderstandings from happening in audio IDIs and focus groups by viewing the Active Talker screen. By doing so, you are able to see by name who is speaking at all times during the interview and avoid participants from overlapping with one another. Furthermore, it eliminates the guesswork involved in figuring out who is talking at any given moment and helps the host or moderator keep track of the discussion.


Focus on facilitating your IDIs and focus groups instead of note-taking through our TranscriptionWing. You can rely on our team of expert transcriptionists who offer transcriptions at an affordable rate without sacrificing its accuracy and quality. Requesting a transcript is also just a few clicks away. Check out our latest features, such as ListenLink™ that helps capture every spoken word possible.

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