Dec 01, 2020
CiviCom MRS

IIEX Health 2020: Successful In-Facility Product Testing with CCam™ focus 360º Recording and Streaming Solution


CCam™ focus, powered by Civicom Marketing Research Services, was a Gold Sponsor and Speaker for the recently held IIEX Health, one in a series of this year’s virtual GreenBook events, held on November 5th, 2020. 

IIEX is a leading global event series that offers programs that discuss valuable insights trends in the healthcare industry. Part of GreenBook’s advocacy to bridge the gap between marketers and consumer insight, it provides a platform for thought leaders to share ideas and methods that can help insights professionals innovate their research and keep them ahead of the game.

This year’s event was held virtually to adhere to the protocols of the pandemic while offering the same collaborative and enlightening benefits of attending in-person. Participants received cutting edge ideas from major healthcare and pharmaceutical companies as well as leading research strategists in the community. 

CCam focus is glad to be part of IIEX Health’s advocacy for innovating healthcare research methods and providing a platform for insights leaders to achieve better business impact.

In support of the event, CCam™ focus joined alongside experts as a gold sponsor and speaker. CCam™ focus delivered a case study with New Perspectives Research, entitled “Five Steps to Successful In-Facility Product Testing Right Now,” that showcased the value of a unique hybrid approach (combination of in-person and online) for conducting product testing and how it can be accomplished efficiently using CCam™ focus technology while still following the requirements of the new norm.

Interested parties can view a recording of a presentation by clicking here.

About Civicom® CCam™ focus - HD 360° Focus Groups With Integrated Video Curation Tools

CCam™ focus is an HD 360º recording and streaming solution for in-person research, ideal for the new safety protocols. The omnidirectional camera with built-in microphones simultaneously captures a panoramic view as well as full-face video that adjusts when the speaker changes, fully capturing body language and sentiment. CCam™ focus delivers high definition visuals and superior audio even when the participants are wearing masks or are seated behind plexiglass. The result is omnidirectional viewing of all participants.

Integrated video curation tools assure video deliverables are generated within minutes for review of key moments. Civicom provides personalized service and support for set up, troubleshooting, and assistance throughout every session. CCam focus is also portable for plug and play situations, enabling market researchers to record and stream in-person interviews and focus groups from any location.

This quality focus group solution is part of Civicom Marketing Research Services group, the global industry leader in facilitating web-enabled in-depth interviews and focus groups through web-enabled technology.

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