Jul 18, 2023
Louise Principe

Introducing Quillit ai: A Revolutionary Report-Generating Tool for Qualitative Market Researchers

Civicom, a trusted global leader in marketing research solutions, unveils its groundbreaking AI-powered report generating tool, Quillit ai. With over two decades of unrivaled experience in facilitating over a million IDIs and Focus Groups worldwide, Civicom has developed Quillit to address the specific needs of qualitative marketing researchers. Quillit sets a new standard for efficiency by cutting report production time by 80%.  With the ability to generate first drafts within minutes, researchers simply input their queries, and Quillit produces summaries researchers can then enrich with their unique insights and perspectives.What used to take hours can now be accomplished at a much faster rate, thanks to the unmatched capabilities of Quillit ai.

"We are thrilled to introduce Quillit ai to the qualitative research community. Quillit is a game-changer, enabling researchers to focus more on extracting insights and less on labor-intensive report writing."

Quillit’s flexibility allows it to adapt to researchers' needs, offering unparalleled customization options. Whether you desire a brief overview or a detailed analysis, Quillit can tailor the length of the text to match your preferences. With its personalization capabilities, researchers can effortlessly align Quillit responses with their brand guidelines to maintain consistent branding throughout the report. Additionally, this AI solution can also match the reading levels of its intended audience. This feature saves time on revisions and editing to help ensure that reports resonate with readers.

Quillit ai meets the highest industry standards in  data security. With GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance, researchers can trust their data to remain secure and confidential. Quillit utilizes only your content exclusively to generate responses, compartmentalizing content within a specific project. 

Quillit represents the future of qualitative marketing research report generation. Integrating this powerful AI tool with other Civicom solutions creates a seamless research experience that helps take market research to new heights. With its ability to accelerate productivity, enhance personalization, and maintain the highest data security standards, Quillit ai solidifies itself as the ultimate report-generating tool for qualitative marketing researchers.

To learn more about Quillit ai and its capabilities, click here.

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