Case Study

Market My Facial Mask - Will Respondents Buy It?

Mar 28, 2019

The Challenge

How did we help our researcher client gain insightful feedback through in-home testing for a beauty products manufacturer who wanted to learn if a new moisturizer concept would sell, while also yielding feedback on the types of messaging that would influence the purchase decision once the product was launched?

The Solution

We suggested our client use Civicom Chatterbox® with its multiple task type options for respondents to communicate feedback asynchronously regarding their preference and experience when testing the concept face moisturizing product. Respondents remained engaged in the study via the online platform over the course of a week. Daily activities were based on the discussion guide that the researcher had created and the Civicom Chatterbox team programmed into the board for the researcher.

Respondents were able to participate by submitting videos and photos of themselves, participate in sorting & ranking exercises, and engage in a variety of polling and fill-in-the-blank activities. Since the test product was a moisturizer, the respondent walked us through their experience using the product and shared their thoughts and impressions at the end of their day. The platform gave each respondent a level of comfort and flexibility to respond in an honest and candid manner.

For interaction with project stakeholders, the project manager and the client were able to leave backroom comments on key insights for the moderator to see. The sentiments expressed within the Civicom Chatterbox platform gave the researcher insights beyond traditional methods of research and truly enhanced reporting that went above and beyond the client’s expectations.

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