Jan 23, 2013
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Marketing Researchers to Gain Insight into Mobile Research Tools at Civicom Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

Marketing Researchers to Gain Insight into Mobile Research Tools at Civicom Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

Marketing Research Services global provider Civicom will share with marketing research professionals their expertise on how to identify and choose the mobile research solutions that offer the best fit for a variety of client projects at a workshop on “Understanding Mobile Research from A to Z” at the Mobile Marketing Research Association Asia Pacific meeting of Marketing Research in the Mobile World in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Tuesday, January 29th. Civicom provides mobile marketing research solutions in almost every country worldwide.

“There is a proliferation of companies offering apps and tools which enable marketing researchers to make use of cell phones, smart phones and tablets to conduct marketing research with consumers and businesses,” says Rebecca West, Global VP of Marketing Research Services for Civicom. “The relative newness of these technologies for research means that few marketing researchers have acquired extensive experience with using them. Research using mobile devices is however the future of the marketing research industry. So it is essential that marketing researchers understand the options available and know the types of situations in which each can produce the desired results.”

Marketing researchers can also learn how to use qualitative marketing research tools to get at consumer sentiment by attending Civicom’s presentation at Marketing Research in the Mobile World on Thursday, January 31 called “Hot, Roasted & Intense: Getting to Why in the Global Coffee Culture through Mobile Qualitative.” Civicom will showcase a marketing research study enabling marketing researchers to understand how mobile research tools are used to get at the important unique sentiments felt by coffee shop patrons in various countries. The presentation will feature consumers from several countries in the Asia Pacific region and Europe, speaking in their local languages, including Malaysian, Chinese and Filipino, as well as English.

Leaders of these programs in Kuala Lumpur are Rebecca West, Civicom VP of Marketing Research Services and Amor de Castro, Civicom Global Mobile and Online Qualitative Specialist. Rebecca is on the Board of Directors of the Mobile Marketing Research Association and is a frequent speaker and writer on research utilizing mobile qualitative tools. She holds a master’s degree in Media Studies from the New School for Social Research and a certificate from Harvard Business School in Managing Professional Service Firms. Amor de Castro is based in Civicom’s Asia Pacific office and is the 2012 recipient of Civicom’s Shackleton Award for outstanding performance.

Civicom Marketing Research Services supports marketing researchers by facilitating their telephone and web-enabled research projects using the latest technologies, combined with superior client service and support. Civicom offers Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research, which offers marketing researchers the ability to get actionable insights into real world consumer behavior through their respondents using mobile devices, smart phones, and even traditional land lines. Civicom also offers an iPad and iPhone App for mobile research.

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