Case Study

Mock Jury Cyber Security Challenge: Accepted

Apr 15, 2021
security lock and monitor screen showing storage platform for mock jury files

The Challenge

A trial consulting firm booked a mock jury project for a highly sensitive case. They wanted to ensure that all the materials shared were safely uploaded and kept confidential. They also wanted to record the session from presentation up through deliberation and to be certain that only their firm would have access to the recording files. Participant verification was also a major requirement as the recruits were carefully selected to meet certain criteria. It was important that the session run smoothly as they had a strict agenda to follow and complete in the allotted time frame.

The Solution

The Civicom Mock Jury Trials Online platform was the right solution to support their security concerns. The recordings were stored in Civicom’s secure cloud storage system, Glide Central, which enabled the clients to view the files on an individually granted per-access basis. Our highly trained tech specialists conducted a thorough participant verification prior to project execution. Our technicians were also present during the session to provide real-time problem solving.

What We Arranged

We immediately prepared the webroom that our clients were going to use. Our platform meets numerous security protocols that our clients require. It is based in a private cloud with restrictive access, where data can be accessed only by us. In addition, the materials that we pre-loaded were automatically encrypted from the point of our receiving the files and even in transit. 

We also coordinated with the trial consultants’ preferred recruiting partner so we could  conduct participant verification in advance. Participants were asked to login to a test room to guarantee that their technology would work during the live event. They were also briefed about their upcoming tasks and the duration of the sessions so they would know what to expect and not wander. Each participant was given a confidentiality agreement to read and sign prior to participating.

The trial consultants were provided with their own Glide Central recording file storage folder and access was given only to authorized users. Since our cloud storage has the same security parameters as our Mock Jury Trials Online platform, the trial consultants utilized it to send and organize files without fear of unauthorized access. 


The trial consultants had been evaluating other platforms that could potentially cater to their project needs and address their security concerns at the same time. They were impressed with the way Civicom handled their data and the verification process with the participants, as well as our platform and data storage safety features.

Platform Security

We protect our clients data by making sure that we follow every recommendation we are aware of to assure our accounts and devices are secured and encryption is implemented from the point of receipt up to file removal. These security protocols were highly appreciated by the trial consultants and played a big role in how they felt about conducting their project with us.

File Sharing

It is helpful to track information flows and delete data you no longer need. Civicom Glide Centralenabled the trial consultants to manage their documents without the need to employ a third party website for file sharing. They were able to identify who uploaded the file and the exact date and time the files were uploaded. A separate section was allocated for the sessions’ file recordings and access was provided to only to users authorized by the trial consultants.

Tech Specialist 

Participant verification is second nature to Civicom Tech Specialists. We make sure that the participants are well aware of what’s expected of them without revealing the case specifics. We are also vigilant when it comes to following up and securing the confidentiality agreements prior to the project date. During the sessions, our tech specialists provide real-time technical troubleshooting for the moderator, clients and participants so that your mock jury team can focus more on gathering insights. These capabilities, procedures and protocols are what helps make a successful mock jury trial.

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