Dec 07, 2020
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Civicom® Webinar: Creative Approaches To Moving Mock Jury Trials Online

Creative Approaches to Moving Mock Jury Trials Online

Civicom®, a global leader, innovator, and specialist in the facilitation of web-enabled online research, recently hosted a webinar for trial consultants entitled, “Creative Approaches To Moving Mock Jury Trials Online.” Held on November 10th, the webinar showcased Civicom® Mock Jury Trials Online, the company's facilitation expertise in supporting trial consultants in conducting virtual mock juries, arbitration, and jury trials.

Court cases are still being filed despite the ongoing health crisis. To move forward and answer the growing backlog of cases in this New Normal, certain court systems now allow more activities, such as court date meetings, pre-trial conferences, and settlements, to take place in an online format. Depending on the case type, some states even hold court proceedings online with the technological support of third-party service providers. This is where Civicom® Mock Jury Trials Online has made inroads into serving the needs of trial consultants.

With Civicom’s global expertise in online facilitation solutions, technical know-how, and unparalleled customer support, Civicom® helps clients determine the best web-enabled solutions for successful online jury trials and mediations.

The webinar provided insights on how to successfully transition from an in-person mock jury trial to a secure and private mock jury trial within an online platform. It highlighted the importance of delivering excellence to clients using the right web-enabled tools, combined with the value of a committed facilitation partner with expertise in utilizing and implementing those solutions to ensure mock trial success.

About Civicom® Mock Jury Trials Online

Civicom® Mock Jury Trials Online is a customizable and reliable solution for conducting live jury trials and mock jury trials online, as well as virtual arbitrations. The company provides trial consultants, judges, lawyers, attorneys, and other legal experts with a practical alternative to conducting trial simulations for predicting the issues that are going to drive the actual trial verdict. Civicom’s online trial platforms and services are tailored to support the specific requirements of your unique legal project.

Civicom® Mock Jury Trials Online is powered by Civicom CyberFacility®, a secure web platform with features that include webcams, private chat for trial consultants and their clients, flexible content pods that allow for either live video or pre-recorded presentations and depositions, and the ability to link out to any survey tool of choice. CyberFacility® also includes the Civicom® proprietary global audio conferencing technology platform, as well as an in-house state-of-the-art transcription system with flexible delivery timetables and rates. 

The roster of services offered includes live online presentation and breakout rooms with video captioning, video recordings, video clipping and storyboarding tools, survey capabilities, transcription, closed captioning, meeting summaries, and multiple language translation.

The Civicom® mock jury trial package also offers the option of ChatterBox®, an online community platform that can be used for self-paced mock trial presentations, questionnaires, and surveys. This self-paced asynchronous online platform enables trial consultants to assess potential influences on juror thinking through a discussion guide and online activities.

Civicom® has been involved in Mock Jury Trials since COVID-19 hit, expanding its innovative online facilitation services to jury trials, online arbitration, and online mediation. The company is a proud sponsor and an active member of the American Society of Trial Consultants. Civicom® was also invited to participate and take an active role in the Online Courtroom Project (OCP) in determining the specific tools and features needed to deliver courts online.

Civicom® is the global leader in facilitating telephone and web-enabled in-depth interviews and focus groups worldwide. The company offers an exceptionally high quality of service and full technical support for every aspect of set up and throughout your project. Responsiveness and commitment set Civicom® apart in the industry. The company lives by its service motto: Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority.

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