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Online Communities 

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“The clients enjoyed being able to see everything online and watch the study unfold as it was in progress.”

Gather Reflections Over Time

Asynchronous online platforms are ideal for creating online communities as well as individualized activities for respondents to engage in over an extended period.

Flexible Timeframes

Choose time frames that work for your research objectives. Popular timeframes from three days to two weeks. A study can run as short as a single day or beyond an entire year.

Modern and User-Friendly Approach

Our powerful yet user-friendly capabilities can make a huge impact in the success of your research. We are able to help you structure engaging activities that motivate respondents.

Engage with Your Audience

You can decide whether to interact with your whole audience, small groups, specific segments, or unique individuals. Powerful tools enable you to sort data.

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Civicom Chatterbox®

Civicom Chatterbox


Civicom Chatterbox® is an online research platform/bulletin board for insights communities and conducting qualitative marketing research studies.

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Make The Most of Pinterest in Marketing Research


Pinterest® is a visual bookmarking tool that we utilize for research studies to help respondents generate creative ideas and to uncover brand perceptions.

Workout Above
and Beyond

Workout High and Beyond


A research team’s desire to simplify weight loss tracking for a control group led them to turn to Civicom for help in managing data through our online community platform.
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Down Memory Lane
on Pinterest

Down Memory Lane on Pinterest


A global travel agency partnered with an Asian destination known for pristine beaches and leisure resorts. The result was a promotion derived from an online research study.
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Men Bond Online Over
Anti-Aging Products

Men Bond Online Over Anti-Aging Products


A cosmetic manufacturer wanted to expand into anti-aging products for men and needed to understand whether men would commit to a long-term routine treatment plan.

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