Jan 25, 2013
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Qualitative Marketing Researchers Benefit from Civicom® Text Analytics Tools

Qualitative Marketing Researchers Benefit from Civicom® Text Analytics Tools

Marketing Research Services global provider Civicom® has introduced Text Analytics to its marketing research clients in response to their requests for tools to simplify the analysis of large amounts of qualitative data generated from individual depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups, mobile qualitative studies and online multimedia board projects. Text Analytics is the process of extracting meaningful information from large pieces of text, through statistic, linguistic, and other automated techniques.

Text Analytics is a great tool to shorten the data analysis time frame to mere moments instead of days.

Civicom® provides global marketing research solutions worldwide. Through Text Analytics automated techniques, Civicom® processes marketing research results in just a few seconds, accelerating the granular analysis phase and giving researchers more time to focus on piecing together extracted data to unlock insights. “Market researchers must deal with vast volumes of data,” says Rebecca West, Global VP of Marketing Research Services for Civicom. “Text Analytics is a great tool to shorten the data analysis time frame to mere moments instead of days.”

Text Analytics mirrors much of what a human researcher would do, but on a more sophisticated and larger scale. In one example, Civicom analyzed thousands of responses under a tight deadline. By grouping all respondent answers per question, Civicom was able to uncover granular insights into consumer preferences. This information was then automatically broken up and further analyzed using Civicom’s Text Analytics tools.

Text Analytics tools automatically extract all entities such as names, cities, and addresses, and place these in a representative context using a technique called ‘lexical chaining’. Thus with a few simple tweaks and the click of a button, Civicom is able to successfully identify the most insightful answers out of a staggering mountain of information. The technique, which has been widely applied to big data in recent years, is now available from Civicom for qualitative marketing research studies for the first time.

Additionally, using a tool called ‘sentiment analysis’, Civicom is able to determine the emotions associated with respondent answers. This is accomplished by breaking up data into sentiment-bearing pieces (e.g. tasty bread), and indexing these through a dictionary with scores. The direct proximity of the phrase to good or bad word associations determines the sentiment score on a range of -1 to +1. The aggregate scores then provide a strong indication of the overall sentiment associated with the responses. The result is key insights uncovered within a tight timeframe with plenty of time to spare.

In addition to Text Analytics, Civicom Marketing Research Services offers Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research, which delivers actionable insights into real world consumer behavior through respondents using mobile devices, smart phones, and even traditional land lines. Civicom also offers respondent recruiting through CiviSelect™.


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