The Convergence of Quantitative and Qualitative Through Online Hybrid Focus Groups

Sep 07, 2021
CiviCom MRS

Qualitative can drive powerful insights, but the extent of their potential isn’t always realized when sample sizes won’t substantiate the learning. At the same time numbers alone may only deliver half the story. The convergence of Quantitative and Qualitative through online hybrid focus groups allows for powerful insights together with reliable quantitative data. It’s the best of both worlds and it will allow you to deliver more robust results.

Learn how Owen Jones of Better Decisions and Gabriel Gonzales of Civicom Marketing Research Services collaborated together to handle hundreds of respondents, so researchers and stakeholders could feel confident in their analysis of the data.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Get first-hand experience of how we gather data in real time through our platforms and expertise with facilitation.
    •  Learn how the methodology works in harmony with the moderator and delivers the best of both worlds;
                  - Numbers you can count on;
                  - Insights and sensitivities from your professional moderator.
  • See how Better Decisions and Civicom have adapted to the impact of Covid-19 by bringing these large in-person groups online.

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