4 Reasons Why You Should Use Storytelling in Your Market Research

Joseph Elevado
Jul 30, 2021

Market researcher using storytelling to present findings


Market research usually involves a lot of statistical data and analysis of numbers and metrics. While this is pretty run-of-the-mill, even the most hardened CEO gets tired of hearing figures all the time. Because of this, narrative qualitative research is starting to become popular. While numbers may dominate quantitative market research, there are very good reasons why you should consider using storytelling alongside your quantitative and qualitative research methods.

1. Deeper insights

The usual goal with quantitative research methods can be boiled down to something similar to “What are the numbers and how can we raise them by the next quarter?” But these types of questions can usually be one-dimensional and might not help too much in figuring out what to do next.

Market research storytelling’s greatest strength is that each insight you get from every consumer story is always worth noting. Having a group of people represent the thoughts of an entire demographic lets you have a more grounded perspective. Besides the things they say, factors like body language, facial expressions, and even the slightest hesitation can give you a lot of information to work with.

Numbers can only tell so much - stories can tell much, and much more.

2. Explaining statistical data

Storytelling can be used not just to know the inside of a consumer’s mind; it also explains why the numbers you crunched end up the way they are.

Statistics tell one side of the story: the results of a previous marketing campaign. On the other hand, consumer stories can describe the events that led up to the resulting figures. Put together, you can have a clear understanding of what your next marketing strategy should be.

Here are some examples of how storytelling can reinforce your quantitative research by having respondents:

  •  • Reveal what they feel when they receive a newsletter in their email.
  •  • Describe the likelihood of ordering a product when shown a commercial endorsing it
  •  • Explain why they ignore (or pay attention to) ads in social media.

3. Convincing presentation

One of our most primal abilities is storytelling. In fact, it’s by telling stories that we learn and be entertained. This is because we unconsciously place ourselves in the stories, and so we tend to become attentive and enamored whenever someone shares a piece.

This entertainment value is never lost in any kind of storytelling - the same completely applies to market research storytelling. By placing relevant consumer stories in your presentation, you can set off a sense of urgency and authenticity in your clients.

Just like with literary storytelling, you can use stories to set the direction of your presentation towards your goals and findings. Done right, you’ll be able to convince your clients to approve your proposed strategy.

4. Overall better marketing campaigns

Like in any other goal, you should aim to use everything at your disposal. Storytelling can very easily be integrated into your quantitative research. Using them together throughout all your campaigns lets you achieve consistently insightful and effective marketing strategies that hit the mark.

This is true in any other quantitative and qualitative method. With storytelling in particular, however, it’s always a huge boost to your market research not only in appeal but also in strength and substance.

Use Glide Central to Better Tell Your Stories

Using market research storytelling requires taking up a lot of valuable time and energy to go through every video and audio to listen to the respondents. With Glide Central®, you can easily turn this into a breeze. It is an online audio and video management system built with features such as project management, tagging, time marker placement, and collaboration. Designed with convenience and ease of mind for market researchers, Glide Central® allows you to extract critical insights more efficiently. When you decide to use storytelling in your next research campaign, you can depend on Glide Central® to succeed.

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