Why Rely on Civicom's Audio and Video Management Software?


Glide Central® is an online platform for organized project content curation and management designed for market researchers. It solves the organizational pain points that researchers normally have to go through when handling an overwhelming amount of video and audio content. It lets you organize and edit media files more efficiently in order to more easily locate and analyze key findings.


Showcase the best of your multimedia content in every client report with Glide Central®. In this platform, you can upload media files for all your projects such as videos, audios, and images into individual project folders. Glide Central also lets you create tags for keywords, create video or audio clips, generate automated transcripts that you can manually edit, and keep all project media files stored in our secure archive for as long as you need them.


Audio and video are among the most powerful forms of data you can obtain through your research. Yet, the amount of unstructured material from qualitative research studies can be overwhelming to manage, leading to chaos and information overload. Glide Central® solves this by letting you manage the media files you generate from in-depth interviews, focus groups, and mobile research studies, enabling you to get the most out of your audio and video data.


Unlike other platforms, Glide Central® offers unlimited levels of access for your team and your clients at no additional charge. We can also provide you with options to customize your Glide Central page including your logo, color scheme, and more. In terms of service, our exceptional team is ready to provide hands-on service and support in any way. Glide Central™ is a platform that is fully competitive within the market place while also keeping costs low by comparison.

Create Video And Audio Clips From Qualitative Research Projects

Store, Organize and Retrieve

Store and organize your photos as well as audio and video recordings in designated project folders according to your preference through Glide Central’s Project Hub. To view your current projects, go to the “Live Projects” page which can be seen as soon as you log in. This hub also allows you to manage multiple projects at the same time.

Transcription Software inside a video curation platform

Generate and Edit Transcripts

Need transcripts to understand your recordings better? Glide Central offers an option where you can request machine generated transcripts of your uploaded audio and video recordings using speech-to-text technology. These transcripts can be edited to improve accuracy. We also have an internal transcription team that can provide close to perfect human-generated transcripts.

Online Software to keep media files categorized

Tag and Search

Finding the key insights in your research for further analysis is made easier through Glide Central’s tag and search feature. This feature gives you the ability to quickly and easily tag project folders, media recordings, and clips using specific keywords or phrases so searching for them is significantly faster and more efficient.

Reseacher oganizing media files on the audio and video management software

Time Markers

Identify the key findings you discover in your project media by placing markers that serve as bookmarks. The time markers can act as reference points as well as take you straight to a specific moment. You and your project partners can also label the markers and add comments to explain why a placement was made.

Marketer clipping key points on a software for video curation

Clip Key Points

Downloading a separate video editor application to generate clips is no longer necessary. Record and directly extract a specific clip from a video recording using the platform’s clipping tool. You can clip key points from your media based on your timestamp placements or through machine-generated transcripts that are time-coded to the recording.

Moderator creating storyboards for a market research study


Create a story from clippings and found insights through the Storyboard feature where you can include audio, videos, and even images for visual transitions. The content in the storyboard can be removed or re-organized for an ideal sequence. You can also play it directly from the platform, combine clips together, or export it as an MP4 file.

Software to help market research studies collobarate effectively

Collaborate Effectively with Your Team

Glide Central lets you collaborate effectively with team members as well as provide project access to your research partners. The number of users you can add is not limited and you can choose who can have view-only access or full collaborator access. Furthermore, your colleagues can also leave comments to encourage collaboration.

Login into the video curation software to store and share media files securely

Store and Share Securely

We are fully GDPR compliant and have a dedicated Information Security Team that oversees all of our security protocols. Moreover, the stored data are encrypted and the platform uses advanced authentication methods to ensure the security of your media outputs. We maintain intense focus on privacy, data protection, and confidentiality.

Customer support representative from Civicom Marketing Research Services

Custom Support and Additional Services

Our Civicom team is always ready to provide hands-on service to support you, your clients, and your colleagues in any way possible. We can also handle the processing and uploading of all your media files as well as convert these to a downloadable format. Additionally, we provide transcript cleanup for your machine generated transcripts.