Why Rely on Civicom's Audio and Video Management Software?


Glide Central® is an online platform for market researchers to facilitate project media management. It solves the organizational pain points that researchers have to go through when handling the overwhelming amount of video and audio generated with IDIs and focus groups. It lets you organize and edit media files more efficiently in order to more easily locate and analyze key findings. Create storyboards to add interest to your reports.


Showcase the best of your multimedia content in every client report with Glide Central®. In this platform.Store media files for all your projects such as videos, audios, and images in individual project folders. Glide Central lets you create tags for keywords, generate human or automated transcripts, make video or audio clips and create storyboards. Keep all project media files stored in our secure archive for as long as you need them.


Audio and video are among the most powerful forms of data you can obtain through your research. Yet, the amount of unstructured material from qualitative research studies can be overwhelming to manage, leading to chaos and information overload. Glide solves this by letting you manage the media files you generate from in-depth interviews, focus groups, and mobile research studies, enabling you to get the most out of your audio and video data.


Glide Central® offers unlimited levels of access for your team and your clients at no additional charge. We can also provide you with options to customize your Glide Central page including your logo, color scheme, and more. Glide Central™ is a platform that is fully competitive within the market place while also keeping costs low by comparison. Our detailed Glide User Guide walks you through all of the platform’s many valuable features.

Create Video And Audio Clips From Qualitative Research Projects

Store, Organize and Retrieve

Recordings of your IDIs and focus groups are sorted by project on the project page in your Glide account. This is the central hub from where you are able to manage all of your projects stored in Glide.

Generate and Edit Transcripts

Generate and Edit Transcripts

Generate machine transcripts with the click of a button. You can edit these yourself or request our transcription clean-up service. You can also order human transcripts from our expert team of editors and proofers.

Online Software to keep media files categorized

Search and Tag

Finding key insights is made easier through Glide Central’s tag feature. Tags are keywords of importance to your research and analysis that you can tie to any content within Glide. You can add tags to project folders, recordings, clips, and storyboards in order to organize and sort content.

Reseacher oganizing media files on the audio and video management software

Time Markers

Utilize markers to identify important moments in your recording. Markers act as reference points to take you straight to a specific moment in your audio or video file. Click on any marker to automatically jump to that time in your recording. You can also add notes to remember why you created each marker.

Clip Key Points

Clip Key Points

Create clips from video recordings using the Glide clipping tool using your time markers. You can generate clips independently of a transcript. Add a file name to easily identify your clip, and/or a tag for quick reference when searching. Preview your clips before you save them then download your clips in MP4 format.

Moderator creating storyboards for a market research study

Create Storyboards

Put your clips together into a dynamic storyboard to include in your client report. You can organize the clips into your ideal sequence. Add audio, video, and images for visual transitions.You can also play your storyboard directly from the Glide platform, as well as export it as an MP4 file.

Software to help market research studies collobarate effectively

Collaborate With Your Team

Glide Central lets you provide project access to team members and viewing privileges to clients, if you wish. You can control the level of access granted. Simply create a link that you can send to clients and colleagues you want to include. The number of collaborators you can add is not limited.

Store and Share Securely

Store and Share Securely

We are GDPR compliant. We have a dedicated Information Security Team that oversees all of our security protocols. Your stored data are encrypted. Using our human transcription capabilities enables your stored files to be HIPAA compliant. We maintain intense focus on privacy, data protection, and confidentiality.

Customer support representative from Civicom Marketing Research Services

Client Support and Additional Services

Our detailed Glide User Guide provides step-by-step guidance to understand how to work with all of the Glide platform’s many features. In addition to your Civicom projects delivered to you in Glide, you can add additional projects to the Glide platform. Contact us for details. At Civicom, Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority.