5 Benefits of Focus Group Streaming Technology

Louise Principe
Feb 25, 2022

Moderator Using Focus Group Streaming Technology

Focus groups are an excellent way for companies to collect qualitative data from participants and gain better insight into their target audience. Although it is a method that was born to be implemented face-to-face, today it is possible to do it online with a video solution.

Hybrid focus groups are a great alternative to their traditional counterpart. They have all the same benefits without the hassle of costs and logistics. They also provide a contactless way for focus group facilitation. With the help of streaming technology, sessions can be viewed in real-time by remote client observers and participants as a moderator conducts the focus group at a market research facility or another venue.

Let’s explore the several benefits of using streaming technology in your next focus group.

  • Logistics-friendly

  • Face-to-face focus groups are frequently impeded by logistical problems such as transfers, accommodations, and unforeseen delays. Planning for everyone to be at the location on time can be a challenge in itself since they all have to travel to the research facility by car or public transport. Unpredictable circumstances such as bad weather or canceled flights can also occur, derailing any carefully laid-out plans.
  • Focus group streaming technology eliminates these problems altogether. Clients, participants, researchers, and even moderators can view the session in real-time through their devices in the comfort of their homes or any location they see fit. Clients can also listen anonymously during the sessions without interrupting the group. All that is required is an internet connection.
  • Most video streaming platforms offer a live chat feature that enables remote viewers to interact with the people on-site during the session. They can ask questions and leave feedback or suggestions through chat. This helps everyone better communicate their ideas and allows for adjustments to be made on the spot.


  1. Another advantage of live streaming focus groups is that they can significantly reduce expenses. With some people not needing to be at the facility in person, expenses such as hotels, airfare, ground transportation, meals, and incentives are much cheaper. Compared to face-to-face focus groups, hybrid focus groups are a lower-cost alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of insights gathered.
  • Broader reach

  • When choosing respondents for their in-person focus groups, clients and researchers have to narrow their search to a few nearby cities with a population of their target market to recruit from. With this process, even though the selection is somewhat arbitrary, the randomness is still excluded since all participants are from relatively the same area.
  • A video solution for focus group facilities allows researchers to recruit a more representative sample of the population they want to reach since there are no geographical restrictions. Anyone can participate with an internet connection and webcam no matter where they are. This enables researchers to conduct their studies nationwide or globally – depending on the brand’s target.
  • Increased efficiency

  • With the benefit of online facilitation through live stream, researchers can recruit and collect data with little to no changes, ultimately saving them a lot of time. Since respondents are not required to travel to a specific location for the focus group discussion, there are fewer last-minute dropouts. The number of participants can also be increased, as there are no limitations because of physical space.
  • Even if some participants are not present on-site, an intuitive video live streaming solution allows remote respondents to share immediate responses. Researchers can also benefit from having a fully integrated solution for recording, streaming, analyzing, and organizing their media, leading to a more efficient research process.  
  • Better insights

  • Most people tend to be more candid speakers when in an online space as opposed to having a conversation face-to-face with the moderator. To them, partaking in the discussion in person is perceived as intimidating since they are unfamiliar with the location and the people around them. This leads them to become less a contributor to the session and more a silent observer of the discussion.
  • Taking this into consideration, moderators can make use of focus group streaming technology to gather more honest and spontaneous information. Remote participants can be more open with their opinions since they are in a more comfortable setting such as their homes. Giving participants the option to participate in the focus group remotely may be the key to a productive session and better insights.

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