10 Essential Marketing Research Tools That You Need Right Now

Louise Principe
Feb 07, 2023
using marketing research tools for business

People aren’t easily susceptible to change when buying products. If we find something that works, why change it? For this reason, getting someone to switch to a new brand takes a lot of convincing.

If your clients want to introduce a new product in an already crowded marketplace, the odds of succeeding are slim. Each year, around 30,000 products hit the market. Unfortunately, only 10% to 20% of these new launches are successful. This troubling statistic is partly due to a lack of market research, wherein company executives base their decisions on instinct, not facts.

Conducting research is essential for understanding how to market and sell a product to your audience. It ensures businesses are offering the right product to the right consumer at the right time – saving them the high costs of failure.

In this article, we will highlight ten useful marketing research tools to help simplify and optimize your research process.


1. Think With Google

This online tool leverages Google research and data to improve a brand’s performance. It has different solutions for analyzing search trends, exploring global markets, evaluating websites, and understanding audiences. These include:

  • Google Trends: Uses real-time data to display a search interest chart, demographic insights, and related queries so brands can gauge how popular a search term is on Google.
  • Market Finder: Helps brands expand globally by providing resources for shortlisting new target markets, planning operations, and marketing.
  • Grow My Store: Analyzes and scores a brand’s retail website and gives detailed recommendations on how the site can be upgraded.
  • Find My Audience: Allows businesses to study the needs and behaviors of different YouTube audiences for more targeted messaging.

Pricing: Free


2. Make My Persona

Understanding the needs and wants of your target audience plays an important role in how a product will be marketed. To do this, defining your buyer personas is key.

Make My Persona is a proprietary HubSpot tool that allows marketers to create various buyer personas based on the different segments of their market. It includes features for identifying a persona’s name, age, career characteristics, and challenges – giving you a clear picture of both demographic and psychographic information.


Pricing: Free


3. Temper


Temper produces widgets with a question users can only answer with a smiley, neutral, or sad face. This simple yet effective tool measures the overall mood of customers as they view a brand’s website or emails.

Incorporating widgets is relatively easy:

  1. Create a question that helps identify any potential problems with the product.
  2. Temper then generates a piece of code for the widget. This can be inserted anywhere on a site or email.
  3. View customer ratings as users answer the questions in real time.
  4. Analyze the results and pinpoint any areas of improvement to enhance customer experience.

While not as “feature-rich” as other marketing research tools, Temper’s minimalistic approach is ideal for gathering users’ general sentiments as they interact with a brand. As such, this tool can help boost customer satisfaction in the long run.


Pricing: $199/month (White Label); $49/month (Pro); $89/month (Business)


market researchers using tools to study insights

4. Claritas MyBestSegment


Finding a brand’s target audience entails doing research to understand each customer or prospect and their lifestyle. This knowledge helps businesses engage with their audience more effectively to build trust in the brand.

Using their proprietary database, Claritas provides you with audience segments’ demographic, behavioral, and geographic data without having to conduct a survey. This tool is useful for identifying nearby competitors, upcoming trends, and receptive areas.

Accessing basic information on Claritas is free, but you’ll have to contact their sales team if you want to gather detailed customer and prospect information.

Pricing: Free (Basic); Pricing available upon request

5. Pew Research Center 


The Pew Research Center operates as a non-profit organization. It provides a wealth of data-driven research on various social, demographic, and economic issues.

It employs a team of researchers, methodologists, and analysts to conduct studies and analyze data from various sources. The center also partners with organizations such as academic institutions and government agencies to expand its reach and enhance the quality of its research.

This valuable marketing research tool gives you access to large, representative datasets to help inform marketing strategies and product development. Additionally, its in-depth analysis and expert commentary on various issues can help you better understand consumer behavior and public opinion on topics (e.g., social trends, digital media, technology) relevant to your study.

Pricing: Free

6. Statista 


Searching for statistics relating to your research project could be a hassle for two reasons: either the data you find on the web is unreliable or outdated. Fortunately, Statista helps you avoid these issues by publishing the latest statistical information on different topics and industries.

Statista is a data visualization website that takes data from recent, reputable reports and converts them into digestible charts, graphs, and infographics. These visualizations are updated as the years pass – ensuring that accurate and updated information is always available.

Pricing: Free (Basic); $59/month (Starter); $1950/month (Project)

7. BrandMentions


BrandMentions lets you track when a brand or company is mentioned online. This social media monitoring platform picks up any recent social media posts that contain a keyword of your choosing, along with the context of its usage.

This tool also contains other metrics such as:

  • Reach: Shows keyword views per day
  • Performance: Displays keyword engagement per day
  • Mentions by Weekday: Tracks keyword mentions

This tool delivers a quick snapshot of a brand’s coverage and its impact online. As such, BrandMentions is instrumental in creating effective marketing campaigns or refining current efforts.

Pricing: $99/month (Growing Business); $499/month (Company); $99/month (Enterprise/Agency)

Researchers studying brand metrics


8. Typeform


Typeform is a user-friendly platform that lets you create interactive surveys, forms, and quizzes. With this marketing research tool, you can run B2C or B2B surveys to get direct answers from respondents.

You can include various question types in your surveys, such as short-form questions, rating scale questions, and multiple-choice questions. Typeform also has a survey feature that could create logic jumps by recalling answers from previous questions.

One unique feature of Typeform’s form-builder is that it shows respondents one form field at a time – straying from the conventional, long-form survey format. Typeform’s template inspires a more casual or conversational approach to survey-taking, making it ideal for targeting a younger demographic.

Pricing: Free; $25/month (Basic); $50/month (Plus); $83/month (Business)

9. Ubersuggest


Similar to Ahrefs and Semrush, UberSuggest is a simple content and keyword research tool. It generates a list of keyword suggestions based on a chosen phrase. UberSuggest lets you see all the top-performing articles and pages so that you have an idea of the kind of content ranks for keywords.

This tool is helpful if you want to conduct a competitor analysis or track a brand’s search volume. Ubersuggest helps you determine the visibility of a brand online. The results gathered from this platform can help inform future marketing efforts to increase brand authority and convert prospects into customers.

Pricing: $12/month (Individual); $20/month (Business); $40/month (Enterprise/Agency)

10. Civicom Marketing Research Services


Civicom Marketing Research Services provides web-enabled solutions for the market research industry. They offer a range of restech services, including online IDI and focus group facilitation, a mobile insights app, an online community platform, respondent recruitment, multimedia curation, plus other solutions that cater to your project needs.

This research provider delivers several benefits to your market research project:

  • Convenience: The platform allows you to conduct research from any location and at any time, making it easier for you to gather insights from your participants.
  • Increased participation: Civicom’s online research platform enables you to connect with a larger and more diverse group of participants, increasing sample size and resulting in more representative insights.
  • Respondent authentication: Civicom’s recruiting arm, CiviSelect, provides a thorough respondent recruitment process, ensuring all your screening specifications are met for authentic and articulate feedback.
  • Dedicated support: When using this platform, you have access to a dedicated support team that will assist you with your project, including equipment setup and facilitation.
  • Improved analysis: Content curation and transcription services allow you to quickly and accurately analyze your data.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Civicom’s platform allows you to collaborate with your research team and share your findings with clients in real-time, improving the efficiency of the research process and enabling faster decision-making.

Civicom’s marketing research tool provides a seamless way to conduct your research and gather valuable insights from your participants.

Pricing: Pricing available upon request

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