5 Essentials for Focus Group Video Recording Equipment

Louise Principe
Aug 26, 2022

To keep up in a competitive focus group industry, research facilities must continue to innovate and provide the best service possible. With the emergence of new technologies, offering outdated video cameras and minimal technical support is no longer a viable option.

Maintaining client engagement requires your facility to partner with a modern recording and streaming solution that could provide businesses with actionable results. Below, you will find five features that high-quality focus group video recording equipment should have for better recording sessions and an enhanced client experience.



1. Multiple Views

Apart from verbal responses, cameras nowadays should be able to capture non-verbal cues in facial expressions and body language that the moderator may have missed. These subtle nuances give another layer of depth to respondent insights.

Pan-tilt-zoom or PTZ cameras can be used to cover much larger areas than standard facility cameras. With the ability to capture panoramic and close-up active speaker views, this camera is capable of creating an immersive experience for remote viewers.

Just as important, having multiple cameras on location helps record participants from different angles that otherwise would not be seen from one perspective. This setup is vital for consumer product and medical device testing focus groups that require in-depth observation.

2. HD Recording and Streaming

Nowadays, high-quality audio and video recording equipment should be the new standard for research facilities. Clients expect to see and hear every interaction clearly when observing from a remote location. HD recording allows for compelling video data and more straightforward analysis with sharper images, crisp audio, and clear facial expressions.

As online focus groups become more popular, facilities should have the flexibility for remote participation – this is where streaming technology comes in. By clicking a unique link, remote observers and participants can view the in-facility session on their devices. This greatly benefits studies that want to gather participants outside a specific area because it saves time and money on logistics.

PTZ Focus Group Video Recording Equipment

3. Portability

Sometimes, you may encounter clients that want to conduct their sessions in non-traditional locations such as homes, hotels, or offices. In this case, ensuring that your focus group video recording equipment is portable and can be easily set up is key.

As long as there is an outlet and internet connection, researchers should be able to stream and record sessions wherever their research takes them. Having portable equipment that is compact, easy to carry, and takes minutes to set up results in convenient focus group facilitation.

4. Integration

After recording the focus group interview, researchers will be looking to process and organize their data into a comprehensive report for clients. To create a seamless research experience, offering integrated tools in your facility is a must. Having every tool they need in one platform helps researchers save time on using individual, external platforms and transferring data from place to place.

Ensure that you partner up with an end-to-end service that offers these tools:

  • Video curation 
  •  Marking, tagging, and clipping key points
  •  Creating a highlight reel to showcase findings in a clear visual narrative
  • Collaboration
  •  Commenting on recorded sessions
  •  Reviewing footage with the team for thorough analysis
  • Transcriptions
  •  Generate an accurate transcript from recordings
  • Project hub
  •  A secure cloud to store and organize all project data and recordings
  •  Posting project updates to keep the research team and clients in the loop
  •  Multiple people could work simultaneously on a single project

5. Tech Support 

No matter how well-planned a focus group is, technical issues are most likely to occur. To ensure everything is functioning well, your partnered solution should have a dedicated live support team available to fix any problems that may happen throughout the session.

Aside from this, having sessions recorded twice and testing out focus group video recording equipment beforehand provides an extra layer of security so that any unforeseeable errors don’t affect research data.

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