7 Features Your Research Facility Needs For Better Focus Group Video

Louise Principe
Nov 15, 2022
people testing focus group video at research facility

Almost every research facility owner knows that the key to staying relevant in a competitive industry is to provide their clients with up-to-date equipment and offerings. Having the best of the best recording and streaming technology at your facility ensures that people will keep coming back to book your services – helping you retain a loyal client base.

With the emergence of digital qualitative tools, modern focus group streaming technology now possesses capabilities that far surpass traditional facility equipment. Below, you will find seven features your facility solution should have to create better discussions and produce high-quality focus group videos.

1. Hybrid Sessions

While some clients choose to conduct traditional in-person or virtual sessions, others may prefer a research setup that is a blend of both – this is where hybrid focus groups come in. Partnering with a service provider that could accommodate mixed sessions helps attract clients who want to save time and money on recruitment and logistics.

2. Crystal-Clear Recording 

Superior audio and high-definition visuals should be a prerequisite for every research facility. Installing an HD 360° camera and omnidirectional microphone at your facility gives remote participants and observers an immersive focus group video experience.

Using the 360° camera, respondents can be recorded in continuous panoramic and zoomed-in active speaker views. This ensures that the flow of conversation, stimuli, and non-verbal cues are all clearly captured for later analysis.

3. Portability

In some cases, clients may request to do their fieldwork outside the confines of a facility, such as hotels, homes, or even in a car. To achieve this, a portable plug-and-play solution is necessary. Having equipment that’s compact, easy to carry, and takes minutes to set up allows researchers to stream and record sessions wherever their research takes them.

4. Multiple Angles

Aside from verbal replies, facility video focus groups should be able to showcase respondents’ actions from more than just one perspective. By recording subtle nuances such as facial expressions and body language, researchers can dig deeper into feedback.

Compared to standard facility cameras, modern solutions use a combination of Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and multiple on-location cameras to capture the study from all angles. This setup is vital for clients who wish to execute projects requiring close observation, such as consumer product testing.

5. Integrated Tools

When findings are scattered among individual, external platforms, making sense of data would be extremely time-consuming. Providing an end-to-end service at your facility helps researchers simplify data analysis. To create a seamless research experience, offering integrated tools for curation, collaboration, storage, and transcription at your facility is a must.

6. Dedicated Support

Even the most organized and well-planned facility video focus groups aren’t immune to technical difficulties. Having a dedicated technician behind the scenes to help with equipment setup and fix any issues during the interview or focus group allows the discussion to flow smoothly. This prevents researchers from having to worry about installation headaches and post-session deliverables.

7. Security

When sharing personal or sensitive information, data privacy is of the utmost importance. To ensure that respondent data is protected, your facility service provider should store their files in an encrypted cloud and be fully-complaint with GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

Aside from this, having sessions recorded twice locally and via streaming assures that unforeseeable errors won’t jeopardize recordings. Providing these built-in redundancy and safety measures gives clients peace of mind that their project is secure.

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