Case Study

A Furniture Predicament: Design Global; Market Local

Mar 28, 2019

The Challenge

How did a global furniture brand gain insight on how their customers decide which products from a geographically local store to purchase? The brand wanted to hear from 300 consumers spread out across five countries in the EU.

The Solution

By using Civicom Chatterbox®, the client was able to gain insights from all respondents in the target countries within a period of two weeks. The participant segmentation feature allowed the client to separate the respondents into groups according to their country of residence. By doing so, it was easier to fully understand the decision-making process of each country's consumer group. Furthermore, the Chatterbox online boards were each programmed in the local language of the countries involved, allowing the respondents to comfortably express their thoughts and provide feedback in their native language. By using identical keywords, but in each local language, the client was able to tag responses to each keyword and use these tags to express the various factors influencing the purchasing decisions of these identical furniture products in each country. As a result, they were able to explain the concepts that would motivate purchase in each market analyzed. Afterwards, Civicom translated the non-English segments into English for further client review.

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