Case Study

Putting The Wow Factor Into Heuristic Conclusions for Behavioral Research

Sep 02, 2020

The Challenge

A behavioral economics marketing company wanted to showcase its expertise in applying heuristic psychology within the context of focus groups to both internal and external stakeholders.

The challenge was to conduct the groups in the marketing company’s office conference room. Some stakeholders would also be observing the groups from a separate conference room along with additional observers who would view the focus groups remotely.

It was important to the client to be able to follow the movement of the moderator as he walked around the room while interacting with the respondents during the session.

It was also crucial that the focus groups were conducted in a secure space.

The Solution

CCam™ focus is a lightweight plug & play solution you can take anywhere. Its portability made it a perfect solution for an in-office conference room focus group scenario.
The CCam omnidirectional camera with a 360° field view of the entire room while also capturing audio was able to follow the moderator as he walked around the room while speaking to the group participants at the same time. The omnidirectional microphones were able to capture crystal clear audio quality.

CCam focus is a proprietary solution and is securely encrypted using a 256-bit advanced encryption standard. Each session is supervised by a CCam facilitator that makes sure no unauthorized observers are allowed access. Individual logins are created for every person accessing CCam focus. All live session links require a separate passcode if accessed outside our site. CCam focus is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

What We Arranged

The focus group moderator independently set up the equipment the day before the sessions. CCam focus performed remote testing and walked the moderator through set up and camera positioning for an optimal streaming and recording experience.

On the day of the focus groups, a CCam focus facilitator verified that all the equipment was performing optimally before the sessions began. The moderator conducted back-to-back focus groups with a thirty-minute break between them. These were all streamed and recorded for later reference.

During the focus groups, remote observers were able to view the groups from their own locations on their own devices. CCam focus delivered a panoramic view of each focus group room in addition to zoomed-in views of the current and most recent speakers, as well as a view of the moderator as he walked around the room.

The on-site observers were also able to engage with their remote-viewing team members via the CCam focus chat function, enabling them to collaborate in real time.

The Outcome

CCam focus’ 360° technical strengths, portability and ease of setup, helped create the success of this study. CCam focus’ expertise in facilitating focus groups, and live real-time support on every session gave the behavioral economics marketing company a sense of security and confidence when using a newer approach. The outcome was entirely favorable.

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